Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekend Update: Androids vs. iPhones and War Games

Friday morning and Wally has finally made up his mind and decided against replacing his 3G Motorola with a much newer iPhone 5s.  “The buypartisan app seems like fun,” he'd wrote on the internet and looked forward to downloading and using his new toy. 

“And I’m actually anticipating doing some serious shopping and barcode scanning this weekend," he’d said to friends.

But alas, when he went to download the buypartisan app, he found that it did not work on his Android.  Meanwhile, most of his iPhone owning friends were having a blast at the stores and, of course, they sent him their many “thank you” texts for having turned them onto the app, in the first place.

Late Friday night, however, Wally learned that the buypartisan app will soon be available for Androids, and hopes it's out before he is forced to purchase an iPhone.  He wants in on the fun, but since he uses his cell only for voice and text, he’d like to save a few bucks and stick with his obsolete Motorola 3G

War Games

Wally’s been following the news and readily admits to having mixed feelings.  “As for Syria and Iraq,” he says, “they need to figure out their own shit because we ain’t the cops of the world.”  On the other hand, he realizes that ISIS is composed of psychopaths and crazy people and some of them have U.S. Passports and will be a problem upon their return.  “Besides,” he says, “we’re the ones who upset the applecart over there in the first place.”

Putin’s Russia?  Now that’s a different story.  “Everyone knows the man is crazy,” Wally said in a recent tweet.  “But is he crazy like a fox?”  He does like Russia’s story about how their soldiers ended up crossing the border into Ukraine.   “Story is, they had gotten lost or were on vacation.”  Although not sure of which is true, Wally gets a kick out of the map Canada’s NATO delegation drew for the Russian soldiers.   And, of course, Russia’s response was almost as funny

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