Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Possible: A Nationwide Law Enforcement Conspiracy

Wally can’t help but wonder about all the shootings of unarmed African-American teens, of late.  “I don’t know how most white people feel about them,” he said.  “But for me, it’s real creepy.”   And citing the many police shootings and beatings of unarmed black people across the nation, “It’s starting to seem like more than random events and may be informal, but very organized.”

 Although the well-known police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO is very scary, Wally is just as concerned about the death of Victor White III, in New Iberia, LA,, last March  "What I can’t understand is how an African-American teenager managed to commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest, while in the back seat of a police car, hands cuffed behind him, “ he said.

While insisting that he is not some kind of conspiracy freak, Wally is quick to point out, neither does he believe in coincidence.   

Wally says he first noticed a lot of red states starting to pass eviscerating, but subtle anti-union legislation and cutting of taxes for the wealthy, among other kinds of distasteful policies, sometime around 2007.  Like many others, he noticed, but paid it little attention.   “After all,” he had said, “just a bunch of Republicans screwing us over to make life better for rich people.”

But these anti-worker laws and policies, it later turned out, were not just mere coincidence.  Not only were the passing of the legislation well organized, the subtle scenario was well executed and a perfect conspiracy.  It was a well-funded group of elites, including the Koch brothers, behind a group calling itself the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

“I’m not saying the shootings are a conspiracy or anything, but a black teenager with a body full of bullets charging at a cop, or another one shooting himself in the chest, hands cuffed behind him, while in the back seat of a police car?”

For Wally, the Oath Keepers, or something like them, may end up doing for police and sheriffs as something similar to what ALEC has done for corporations and politicians.   “I’m just saying...” he said.

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