Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Even Weird Wally is Left Speechless!

Weird Wally snagged this from rawstory.com and is thinking about how pissed he would be if he had to keep going back to Iraq a lot more then he’d been promised and, staying a lot longer then they told him that he’d have to. This is a video of a (said to be) former U.S. Army Abu Ghraib guard in, what he thought was a private moment. Click here to view video

There is a lot they don't tell us before signing on with this outfit!

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Bye for now,
Weird Wally

Monday, January 29, 2007

Site Issues

Weird Wally is trying hard not to lapse into one of his frequent states of dissociation but there are issues occurring on WW’s blog site. For one thing, WW can’t post links, images or much of anything else, except for plain ole text. On the other hand, WW’s blog provider has recently upgraded their free site and might need a little time to totally get it right, like before the upgrade.

Meanwhile, the best that WW is able to do is, post the URL as text and you can copy and paste into your browser.

The point is; WW understands that it takes time to get the bugs out and is willing to wait another two or three months before trying this new Vista (or whatever) Windows upgrade.

And more to the point, nothing has really gotten better since Windows95!

Bye for now,
Weird Wally
In search of cheap, mind-numbing entertainment, Weird Wally found himself at a local video outlet, but nothing stood out. Just about ready to give up and go the library, instead WW chanced up a new release. The blurb sounded interesting but, no way, would “Sophie Scholl,” be mind-numbing. It’s a well-done take on a test of wills between a young German woman and the entire Nazi legal machine. Although WW despises the word “inspirational,” there isn’t any other way to describe it. Low key as it is, it’s a very intense story of a brother and sister and life in Munich in 1943.

The thing is, the movie also speaks to our lives of today. Ever wonder what life would be like a few years down the road if the neocons ran this country?
A government of fear is powered by fear. WW realizes that the previous sentence makes absolutely no sense, but it sounds so damn cool.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ever since the start of our adventures in the in the oil nations of the world, there has, and always will be corruption..

But who would have thought that it would come to this? Click here for more

More Smoke and Mirrors, Weird Wally can’t believe that we are all so dumb!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some Scary Under-plunder

Weird Wally may have been fearful of Blackwater, but after watching Amy Goodman’s interview with Jeremy Scahill, author of: “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army,” WW is now is now quivering in his boots. Although WW knew a little about Blackwater’s involvement with Iraq, Katrina and, quite possibly, Iran, WW was still clueless. There is a lot that us citizens don’t know and, what we don’t know might hurt us. And since a dude like Scahill is unlikely to be interviewed on Today or Good Morning America, you’ll have to catch this way cool and informative interview on the War and Peace Report. Click here to view video

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Bye for now,
Weird Wally

Friday, January 26, 2007

What's Up With All of This?

Weird Wally can’t help but shake his head at what Bush has decided to do in Iraq. Instead of a gradual withdrawal, he is ordering a “surge.”

The way WW understands it is that U.S. Forces would be embedded with Iraqi Forces for the purposes of training. On paper, the plan makes sense in a warped kind of way, but when looked at from the real world, his plan really sucks. Ever wonder what being embedded with Iraqi Forces might be like? Click here to find out This is a graphic video.

Despite what the Pentagon would have us believe, our troops aren’t safe anywhere in Iraq, not even in their own compounds. Click here for more

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Now for the Scary Stuff:

Ever hear of Blackwater-USA? They are highly trained mercenaries deployed to Iraq by a secretive private military company based in North Carolina — Blackwater USA. Our government is outsourcing some of it’s military and intelligence functions to a private army with lots of resources. Click here for more

Why did our government kidnap a Canadian citizen (they say arrested), while changing planes at a New York airport and send him to Syria to be tortured? Click here for more

Strange occurrences in the domestic wiretap lawsuits. Although very scary stuff, WW got a chuckle or two from this. Click here for more

A key ex-Pentagon adviser and close associate of Vice President Cheney hinted that US Marines might be used in an Iran strike in an a Wednesday night appearance in New York. Click here for more

Things are already strange but still getting stranger. Although Bush refuses to talk with the Syrian government because he “can’t believe them,” he believed them when they agreed not to torture a Canadian citizen we sent them. Needless to say, the Syrians lied and tortured him anyway and Canada is really pissed at us. WW, meanwhile is having trouble believing the eyes and ears. This can’t really be happing. But it is.

Bye for now,
Weird Wally

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cowboy Troy…

Although Weird Wally likes jazz, delta blues and the Grateful Dead, WW also likes Country Rap (CRAP).

Here is why:

1. Cowboy Up!

2. Now, How Does This Work?

3. And One More Thing That’s Important!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good News for the Rich

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After the State Of The Union speech last night, one thing is for sure. The very rich will make out like bandits while the rest of us get screwed. In order to boost the numbers of people with access to healthcare, Bush is proposing that people who already have healthcare pay a tax on what is now, a tax-free benefit. Meanwhile, the war in Iraq costs us $8 billion a month and while billions have been stolen or unaccounted for, companies consistently overcharge and provide inferior products and services. And then, there are the weapons producers and all of them are making out like bandits.

And so while we are engaging in a for profit war in Iraq, we are not taking care of business at home. (click here for more)

Besides, what’s this “surge” gonna cost us and whose going to profit from it? (click here for more)

Another thing Weird Wally doesn’t get is this so-called “healthcare reform.” Sounds more like “healthcare deform,” to WW. (click here for more)

Might this be the most popular screen-saver in the world? (click here to get it)

But pleased be advised that your name may appear on the United States Secret Service “List of People of Interest.”

Bye for now and have a nice day!

Weird Wally

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fox News Outfoxed by CNN

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Seems like FOX News is behind the curve when it comes to understanding what Youtube is all about. It wasn’t all that long ago that Fox News could report opinion as fact even as they had to twist the facts in order to support their opinion. Their most recent is, connecting Obama with Osama. A few days ago they got real nasty with a segment called “Obama’s Dirty Little Secret,” or something like that. They previewed the segment by exclaiming, “this is huge!” And then went on to twist the facts and scare the crap out of people, by saying that Barack Obama attended a radical Muslim school known as a madrassa.

But then again, FOX News plays to a certain base that will believe them no matter what they say.

Then along comes Youtube and FOX News is caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Weird Wally thinks that while FOX News was playing to its base, CNN was playing to Youtube.

2. CNN Investigates (watch clip)
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Hillary Clinton And Youtube

As of 6:00 this morning (MST), Hillary Clinton had 1043 different clips on Youtube.

And the more Weird Wally sees her, the more he likes her. Only problem is, WW also likes Barack Obama and would love to vote for both of them.

It’s almost like the Democrats are blessed to have two excellent candidates applying to run as president. The downside is, Hillary is a woman and Barack is black. Already, FOX News is implying that Barack Hussein Obama is an undercover Muslim secret agent. And although that kind behavior by FOX may not be racist, it sure as hell comes close.

But while FOX subtly plays the race card in an obvious attempt to stir up fear and minimize the rule of common sense, the rest of us will have a couple of years to think about who we are and what we want. Is it possible that we are no longer a nation of cowards and are finally willing to stand up to the schoolyard bully? Could it be that we no longer believe that we need live in fear and anxiety and have made up our minds that the schoolyard bully no longer gets our lunch money?

WW thinks there is a lot riding on what we might eventually decide.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Day Late, a Dollar Short and Hillary Clinton
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For Weird Wally, this past year, a lot has gotten by him that he choose not to comment on.

In addition to being paranoid because WW does not want to be declared an “enemy combatant,” and spend the rest of his life locked up with a bunch of Islamic Crazies, and thus, WW thought it might be prudent to keep his mouth shut.

Just a note to remind you that we are all One and yet so very different and far apart!

And so, what are your ideas regarding Universal Health Care?

Hillary Clinton

Over the past few days, Hillary has taken quite a beating over the press, airways and Internet.

Actually, WW laughed his ass off at the mock Hillary/Matthews interview aired recently on Saturday Night Live. They ripped her apart and it was good comedy.

But would WW take a chance and vote on Hillary?


On the other hand, WW would also vote for Barack Obama in a New York minute.

And that is the rub. The best and the brightest may be the best and the brightest, but the good ole boys usually get their way.

But then again, we all know that we get the kind of government we deserve.

And so it is that we live in interesting times.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weird Wally is Back

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Ok all you neocons, it’s time to crawl back under your rocks because Weird Wally is back and ready to do battle.

Actually, WW hasn’t updated this site in over a year and a lot has happened. For one thing, the Democrats now control Congress and our President has been busted on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and our subsequent occupation of that country. And although we should be downsizing, we are expanding our troops by 20,000.

Besides the sheer craziness of such a venture, the continuing mismanagement of this war, our troops, their families and the people of Iraq will pay a heavy price.

WW can’t help but wonder what it must be like for a soldier who is getting ready for a fourth tour of duty in Iraq.

Most likely, were WW a person in uniform, WW would be seriously pissed off. And that anger has to manifest in some way, shape or form.

More then likely, that anger will be turned on Iraqis because they can’t manage to protect themselves. The senseless reason for being over there aside, the troops are being used and abused by the very government they serve. Few of them have had a chance to recover from the PTSD of there last tour. And, as we all know, crap has a way of rolling down hill. From the steps of the White House all the way down to every Iraqi child on the street. The intense stress, frustration and anger could result in some ugly displacement and violence. At the very least, it is possible that our troops may end up being very abusive to the people they are being forced to “protect.”

And the worse we behave, the more the Iraqis will come to resent us and their violence against us and to themselves is likely to increase. It’s a mad and dangerous cycle and it looks like things are going to get a lot worse before, if ever, getting better.