Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Will 2018 Be Canceled? You Can Bet On It!

It's obvious to me that most politicians enter that carrier to either make money or to make more money.  It's a sweet deal provided you have what it takes; a lot of narcissism and a little bit of sociopathy.  Having said that, there must be someway to make lots of money from politics without having to become a politician.

 And a friend of mine  has figured out a way.   While most everyone else argues and bets on whether or not the Democrats will flip the House and impeach the president, my friend, Junebug, sees a whole different set of issue. "The Man be doing all kinds of weird shit and getting away with it," he told me.  "And if the Democrats win the House, the president will be impeached and there will be all kinds of investigations and other shit hitting the fan.  If that's the case, lot of rich white dudes gonna go to jail and become somebody's bitch.  Now do you really think those other rich white dudes in Washington are gonna let that happen?  And that's something I'm taking bets on."  Granted, my friend Junebug may be a crazy, but he's crazy like a fox and thinks like a sociopath.