Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Water Thief: A Likely Future?

Although this book is said to have been around since 2012, Wally first heard of it only a few days ago.  “I skimmed a review online and immediately placed an order.

“Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed, it was self-published and I almost gave it to Goodwill without a second thought.  And no matter my feelings about the author, I’ve never met a self-published novel that I actually liked.  That is, until a few days ago,” he said.

According to Wally, Nicholas Lamar Soutter’s, The Water Thief, is way more than just a good read.  And should corporate manipulation and disinformation, along with citizen apathy, continue on its current path, it’s a promise of things to come.

On a planet where unions have been crushed, education a heresy and corporations in charge, the CEOs, Executive Class and top one percent rule supreme, while the rest of us are literally, left to eat shit and die. 

And that pretty much describes what life might become, in the not too distant future, where everything is privatized and for profit.   It is a place where the sum total of one’s existence is objectively determined by your worth to Human Resources.

There is no right and no wrong.  Criminal behavior is objective and measured by damage to the corporation.  And perception is everything.  Perception is truth!  And whatever you may do, never ever set a bucket out in the rain and attempt to steal the corporation’s water.  “But that,” says Wally, “is a whole other story and well worth a read.”