Friday, December 28, 2007

Is this Legal???

Weird Wally (WW), who has a big mouth and, is in his sixties, has just received his “Draft Notice” from Blackwater - USA.

He has been drafted by Blackwater - USA and ordered to Iraq.

Although WW produced a birth certificate and other forms of valid identification proving he was too old to be drafted, the Blackwater District Draft Board decided to refer the matter to a higher authority.

Meanwhile, WW was informed that the Department of Justice was looking into the matter.

And until a decision was reached by the Department of Justice, he should follow Blackwater-USA orders and report to Iraq at his own expense.

Please Stay Tuned,
Weird Wally

Friday, December 21, 2007

Weird Wally Still Misses the Good Old Days

Does anyone remember the good old days before deregulation and, when life was simple?

For instance, if you dialed "O," for operator, you would get a friendly voice to help you through your crises and send you what you needed.

These days, however, if you dial "O", you'll get an automatic menu and if you choose the wrong option or have the wrong accent or skin color, you might get tased or, even killed cuz you never might know what will come your way.

So, imagine yourself as a 10 year old Muslim kid or, child of color, in an emergency; who might you call?

A Shady and mysterious member of your trusted family or, 9-11?

And please remember; "if a situation is defined as real, it is real in its consequences."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weird Wally Wants to know...

Q: What does Halliburton and Family to Family (Denver Human Services) have in common?

A: They both suck up government money without ever having to be accountable for anything!

And the same goes for Blackwater Security and Family to Family.

Go Figure...

Now how screwed is that?
Weird Wally

Monday, November 26, 2007

Weird Wally Wants to Know!

Q: How does a Zen Master order hotdogs?

A: "One with everything."

From a Nicholas Cage Character in the movie/DVD, "Next."

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Does Anyone Understand that whatever Bush/Cheney allows will eventually become local and choke the shit out of all of us?

But then again, if we are really fucking base and stupid, do we deserve better?

And what is up with Denver Human Services, anyway?

Question Authority Every Chance You Get!

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Monday, September 10, 2007

Something is Happening Here, but Weird Wally Can’t See Through the Mist (Myst) and Things Aren’t Very Clear

Mexican Rebels Claim Pipeline Attacks

The Associated Press
Monday, September 10, 2007; 10:58 PM

VERACRUZ, Mexico -- A shadowy leftist guerrilla group took credit for a string of explosions that ripped apart at least six Mexican oil and gas pipelines Monday, rattling financial markets and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production.

The six explosions could be seen miles away, and set off fires that sent flames and black smoke shooting high above the Gulf coast state of Veracruz.

At least a dozen pipelines, most carrying natural gas, were affected, said Jesus Reyes Heroles, the head of Mexico's oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, without providing specifics. The explosions occurred in valve stations where different pipelines intersect.

He said there would be hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production and about nine states and the capital, Mexico City, would be affected.

"It is a big blow," he said. "You can't store natural gas or transport it by truck."

The blasts caused brief jitters in international markets, with natural gas futures up as much as 20.2 cents on news of the explosions, although prices dropped in later trading. One oil pipeline was hit in Monday's attack but Pemex said the damage wouldn't affect crude exports.

Some local factories were forced to shut after natural gas supplies were cut. Residential supplies were not expected to be affected.

There were no immediate reports of injuries directly caused by the explosions and fires, although Fernando Leon Yepez, a civil defense official in Omealca, reported that two elderly women died of heart attacks shortly after the explosions.

It was the second time in three months that the so-called People's Revolutionary Army claimed responsibility for a pipeline attack as part of what it has labeled its "prolonged people's war" against "the anti-people government."

The group, known as the EPR, is a secretive, tiny rebel group that staged several armed attacks on government and police installations in southern Mexico in the 1990s. It was later weakened by internal divisions, leaving it unclear which splinter group may have carried out Monday's attacks.

The EPR claimed responsibility for a July attack on a major gas pipeline from Mexico City to Guadalajara in western Mexico that forced at least a dozen major companies, including Honda Motor Co., Kellogg Co. and The Hershey Co., to suspend or scale back operations.

That attack sent the Mexican government scrambling to increase security at "strategic installations" across Mexico. It was not clear what security measures were in place at the pipelines that exploded Monday.

The government did not immediately confirm the EPR's claim of responsibility. Interior Secretary Francisco Ramirez said the federal Attorney General's Office was trying to determine who was responsible.

"Pemex's fundamental installations are adequately protected by our armed forces, and we will do our utmost to find those responsible," Ramirez said.

At least 21,000 people were evacuated as a precaution. Some of them were later allowed to return home.

Flames could be seen up to six miles away, said Pedro Jimenez, a resident who was packing his family into a truck to leave. "You could see the fields of crops lit up."

At least one undetonated explosive device was later found beside a pipeline in a swampy area about 500 yards from a highway toll booth just north of the port of Veracruz, state civil defense coordinator Ismael Reyes said.

President Felipe Calderon condemned the attacks in a statement from India, where he was on a state visit.

"I want to say that my government severely condemns this and all other acts of violence and those who promote it in our country and anywhere in the world," he said. "There is no room for such criminal acts in a democratic Mexico."

Mexico is a major oil producer and exporter, with oil and related taxes accounting for over a third of the federal government's revenue. The U.S. imported 12.7 million cubic feet of natural gas from Mexico in 2006, only about 0.3 percent of total imports that year.

© 2007 The Associated Press

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Which One of Two Might You Choose:

1. Three hundred million in cash or;

2. Three hundred million blessings?

Hint: Blessings are without limits and cash is finite. And as Americans, we walk this deceptive path that calls to our most base and reptilian instincts.

But that, my friends, is how we lost our way from the limitless to the finite.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?

If the Iraq War is Illegal, What's Up With Iran's Future?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another Weird Wally Prediction

Just as Democrats are about to take the high-ground by pushing Universal Health Care for all Americans and, children and elderly included, important Republicans will break with Bush.

But they won’t give a shit about Health Care for Children, their only concern will be on immigration and, the fact that there are way too many people of color rushing our borders.

After all, nobody is ever racist in the good old USA but, if the immigrants were sweedish, there would neither be emotions nor discussions because white people would have no need to be racist!

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Antidote For Terrorism

A powerful nation refuses empathy
and the antidote is lost
secreted away by the devils of dogma
for the religions of our choice.

Have a nice day...

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weird Wally is a Minimalist

And he lives simply so that others might simply live.

But despite WW’s lack of tracks on this planet, Bush and his Texas Oil friends have big feet and will leave big prints and the small prints that us minimalists leave will soon be over-stepped and forgotten.

And who is it that once said that, “size doesn’t matter?”

Please consider the possibility that this person was weighing apples against oranges...

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weird Wally’s Litmus Test for Religions of the World

Weird Wally believes the religions of the world that are closest to the truth inspire wonder, awe and love of diversity.

Meanwhile, WW firmly believes that religions that can only inspire dogma, fear, intolerance and rage, are way the fuck off course and, something is wrong!

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hillbilly Hermit's latest communique hints at the possibility that he may be crazy as hell, and that the big drug and pharm companies are out to silence his opinion and, those like him.

What do you think?

Hillbilly Hermit Sez:

by Hillbilly Hermit

"During the Reagan/first-bush era, we had the half-trillion $$ bank
robbery, also known as the Savings and Loan Scandal. Coincidentally, a
close friend of the Bush Senior prez. was a primary figure.

"Now, we watch as the whole world is shaken by the current scandal--
namely, "sub-prime" loans. And this time, it's not measured in
billions, but probably, trillions of $$

"And there's another difference. This time, they're not just stealing
the money from us, they are stealing our homes.

"But then, during the first bush scandal, Hillbilly Hermit noted that
those who got burned worst were those who tried to get something for
nothing by investing in unsafe/insecure S&Ls.

"And this time, it seems that the "victims" were also trying to get
something for nothing-- by getting unsafe/insecure, "equity loans" on
their homes-- ie; spending their futures.

"Of course, the real question is whether America and the world can
survive this one."

Hillbilly Hermit

Friday, August 17, 2007

Gangs in Government

Recently, we’ve heard Gonzo talk about the “Gang of Eight,” who went to a hospital in order to intimidate John Aschroft into signing a document which he wanted nothing to do with.

And just last week, there were other members of a different gang of lawmakers who were briefed in secret about the progress or, lack of progress, in Iran and Homeland Security, who referred to themselves a different "Gang of Eight."

But between Halliburton, Black Water Security and the U.S. Military, turf will need to be defined, boundaries drawn and limits set.

Is Weird Wally the only person in the world who gets nervous when members of the government/administration, start describing themselves as part of a gang?

WW once thought that only the Bloods, Crypts, Chinese and, Drug Lords from Cuba and Columbia did that kind of shit.

But, then again, maybe a mid-east war over oil might bring in a lot more money then drugs.

Meanwhile, more beer here and, what’s Paris Hilton up to, anyway?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Are Most Americans Living on a Fixed Income?

When was the last time you had a COLA in your paycheck?

When did you last a get a substantial raise from your employer?

Consider this: At one time, only seniors had to live on a fixed income.

But even as the price of everything is going up, when did you last celebrate increase?

Meanwhile, what is the CEO of your employer and his cronies taking home in their pay and bonuses?

More then likely, most of your health insurance, and the pay raise you never got.

Now, please tell Weird Wally again, how you are living the dream?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MC Rove

Just to fuxking weird..

In for a Dime; In for a Dollar and, Why Karl Rove Sucks the Big One.

And Karl Rove is so much ahead of the rest of Republicans, that they will spot him a dime, but it will cost them several dollars!

And by the time the rest of us finally start to understand how cost-benefit analysis really works; Karl Rove will have already stolen our votes and moved on.

After all, neither the children or, grandchildren, of Bush, Cheney and Rove, will ever have to enlist in the military, just to get a collage education.

They have money, influence and, "other priorities," while the rest of us have shit!

Let's export a lot more of that kind of democracy around the world and pray that the rest of the world are as dumb as us.

What WW wants to know is: "Does 'Turd Blossom' (AKA Karl Rove) really have soul or, is he just faking it?"

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Best Bumper Sticker Weird Wally Has Ever Seen:

"When the power of love finally subdues the love of power, we shall all know peace."

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Inner Wisdom of Hillbilly Hermit and, Why Weird Wally Never Believed in the American Dream Any-Fucking-Way!

Hillbilly Hermit: "a long time ago, I worked for a lady named Debbie, within a government bureaucracy. The higher powers were engaged in a "revenge of the sith" type power struggle and I, a young Jedi, was doing my best to bring
order to a disintegrating universe. Debbie said: Bill, sometimes you
can't repair it. You have to let the system crumble, then rebuild."

This summer, I had my two grandsons for a visit. Both are being raised
in Republican households, and worse, neither gives even the slightest
damn about what's going on around them. There is nothing... NOTHING
more important than their PSP, or their next spending spree. They're
not what I'd call "bad kids." It's just that for them, there is no
higher value than grandpa's wallet.

So as we watch Bush and company erode away all the dreams that once were
part of the "American dream", these kids do their part by "spending in
the face of 9/11"

Maybe we do need to just allow things to crumble.

And how was your summer family experience?

Hillbilly Hermit

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weird Wally lifted this post from a legit publication in the UK. Funny how this situation is seldom mentioned in the U.S. media.

China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Last Updated: 1:41am BST 09/08/2007

The Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign of economic threats against the United States, hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation.
# Blog - Dollar to collapse?

Fistful of dollars - China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
Fistful of dollars - China's trade surplus reached $26.9bn in June

Two officials at leading Communist Party bodies have given interviews in recent days warning - for the first time - that Beijing may use its $1.33 trillion (£658bn) of foreign reserves as a political weapon to counter pressure from the US Congress.

Shifts in Chinese policy are often announced through key think tanks and academies.

Described as China's "nuclear option" in the state media, such action could trigger a dollar crash at a time when the US currency is already breaking down through historic support levels.

It would also cause a spike in US bond yields, hammering the US housing market and perhaps tipping the economy into recession. It is estimated that China holds over $900bn in a mix of US bonds.

Xia Bin, finance chief at the Development Research Centre (which has cabinet rank), kicked off what now appears to be government policy with a comment last week that Beijing's foreign reserves should be used as a "bargaining chip" in talks with the US.

"Of course, China doesn't want any undesirable phenomenon in the global financial order," he added.

He Fan, an official at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, went even further today, letting it be known that Beijing had the power to set off a dollar collapse if it choose to do so.

"China has accumulated a large sum of US dollars. Such a big sum, of which a considerable portion is in US treasury bonds, contributes a great deal to maintaining the position of the dollar as a reserve currency. Russia, Switzerland, and several other countries have reduced the their dollar holdings.

"China is unlikely to follow suit as long as the yuan's exchange rate is stable against the dollar. The Chinese central bank will be forced to sell dollars once the yuan appreciated dramatically, which might lead to a mass depreciation of the dollar," he told China Daily.

The threats play into the presidential electoral campaign of Hillary Clinton, who has called for restrictive legislation to prevent America being "held hostage to economic decicions being made in Beijing, Shanghai, or Tokyo".

She said foreign control over 44pc of the US national debt had left America acutely vulnerable.

Simon Derrick, a currency strategist at the Bank of New York Mellon, said the comments were a message to the US Senate as Capitol Hill prepares legislation for the Autumn session.

"The words are alarming and unambiguous. This carries a clear political threat and could have very serious consequences at a time when the credit markets are already afraid of contagion from the subprime troubles," he said.

A bill drafted by a group of US senators, and backed by the Senate Finance Committee, calls for trade tariffs against Chinese goods as retaliation for alleged currency manipulation.

The yuan has appreciated 9pc against the dollar over the last two years under a crawling peg but it has failed to halt the rise of China's trade surplus, which reached $26.9bn in June.

Henry Paulson, the US Tresury Secretary, said any such sanctions would undermine American authority and "could trigger a global cycle of protectionist legislation".

Mr Paulson is a China expert from his days as head of Goldman Sachs. He has opted for a softer form of diplomacy, but appeared to win few concession from Beijing on a unscheduled trip to China last week aimed at calming the water


And as a Result of the Greed to Privatize...

The greedy start to screw themselves; one slow step at a time.

Treasuries Fall the Most in More Than Month on Stocks, Auction

By Deborah Finestone and Sandra Hernandez

Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Treasuries fell the most in more than a month as a rally in global stocks drew demand away from government debt after the Federal Reserve said yesterday the U.S. economy is likely to weather a housing slowdown.

A decline in 10-year notes pushed yields to the highest in almost two weeks after the government's auction of $13 billion in the securities today drew a higher yield than dealers expected. Trading in credit-default swaps showed the risk of owning corporate bonds dropped.

``The rally in the stock market is taking away demand for government debt,'' said Andy Richman, who oversees $10 billion in fixed-income assets as a strategist in West Palm Beach, Florida, for SunTrust Bank's personal asset-management division. ``People are taking money out of Treasuries and putting it into corporate debt as the economy is not going down the chute.''

The yield of the existing 10-year note rose almost 8 basis points, or 0.08 percentage point, to 4.86 percent at 4:15 p.m. in New York, according to bond broker Cantor Fitzgerald LP. It touched 4.89 percent, the highest since July 26. The price of the 4 1/2 percent security due in May 2017 fell 18/32, or $5.63 per $1,000 face amount, to 97 7/32.

Two-year note yields, which are more sensitive to changes in monetary policy than longer-maturity debt, rose 6 basis points to 4.64 percent as investors pared bets on a cut in borrowing costs.

The government's auction of 10-year notes drew a yield of 4.855 percent, higher than the average forecast of 4.841 percent from 11 bond-trading firms surveyed by Bloomberg News.

Indirect bidders, a class that includes foreign central banks, bought 32.1 percent of the auction. In the last eight new 10-year note auctions of the same amount, they bought 39.1 percent on average.

Auction Demand

For every $1 sold, there was $2.30 worth of bids, the same as for the last new auction of the notes. The bid-to-cover ratio, which gauges demand by comparing total bids with the amount of securities offered for sale, has averaged $2.35 in the last eight new 10-year note auctions.

Demand for government debt waned as stocks staged a recovery after the Fed's rate-setting committee said in a statement yesterday that job growth and a ``robust global economy'' may help the U.S. withstand losses in subprime mortgages.

U.S. stocks rose today a third straight day, with the Standard & Poor's 500 Index advancing 1.4 percent and the Dow Jones Industrial Average increasing 1.1 percent.

Credit-default swaps on the CDX North American Investment- Grade Index, a benchmark for the cost of protecting bonds against default, dropped as much as 9.25 basis points to 62.75 basis points, the lowest in more than a week. A decrease indicates improving perceptions of credit quality.

`Bit of Stabilization'

``We've seen a bit of stabilization that people were looking for in credit markets, which translates into an unwinding of the risk-aversion rally in Treasuries,'' said Joseph di Censo, fixed-income strategist in New York at Lehman Brothers Inc., one of 21 primary dealers required to bid on the auctions.

The Fed has kept its overnight rate for loans between banks at 5.25 percent since June 2006, when policy makers completed 17 quarter percentage point increases.

Trading on the November fed funds futures contract indicate traders see a 46 percent chance policy makers will lower the key rate to 5 percent in October, down from 84 percent on Aug. 6.

Economists forecast the 10-year note yield will rise to 4.96 percent this quarter and 5.01 percent by year-end, a Bloomberg News survey shows. The most recent forecasts are given the heaviest weightings.

Fannie Mae

Treasuries remained lower after U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson said the government may raise the limit on purchases of home loans by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the largest sources of money for home loans, in order to increase liquidity in the mortgage market.

President George W. Bush told reporters that his priority is ensuring that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac complete their overhaul following $11.3 billion in accounting errors. Bush didn't reject the idea of raising the limits on how much the companies can buy.

Treasuries fell earlier on a report in the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph that China, the second-largest foreign holder of U.S. government debt with $407 billion, is prepared to sell its holdings in the event of U.S.-imposed trade sanctions. Japan owns $615 billion of Treasuries.

China suggested it will sell holdings of Treasuries should the U.S. impose trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation, reported the Telegraph, citing He Fan, an official at the government-backed Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Xia Bin, director of the financial research department of the State Council, or cabinet. Calls by Bloomberg News to a press official at China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange weren't answered.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in an interview with CNBC that it would be ``absurd'' to think China would sell the bonds.

To contact the reporters on this story: Deborah Finestone in New York at ; Sandra Hernandez in New York at .

Last Updated: August 8, 2007 16:20 EDT

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Monday, August 06, 2007

Can Anybody Help Weird Wally Out, Here?

Weird Wally and a whole bunch of other Americans voted in a Democratic Congress and Senate, only to learn that we may as well have voted Republican, cuz nothing is changing. We’re still in Iraq with no withdrawal date, Obama wants to invade Pakistan, Democrats caved in and voted their confidence in Attorney General Gonzales when they approved a bill giving the President and Attorney General the power spy on anyone they choose.

And yes, this means spying on Democrats who might really oppose the neocon (neo-con) agenda.

Granted, Democrats are holding Hearings in Washington and although they are finding many reasons to impeach Bush/Cheney and Gonzo, Democrats are treading lightly.

Too Fucking Lightly, in the opinion of Weird Wally and Friends!!!

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Weird Wally Pop Quiz: What famous television character from a popular eleven season television series best represents the values and moral makeup of your basic everyday neo-con (neocon)?

Hints: Played by Larry Linville, this army doctor looked down his nose because he felt morally superior to his fellow troops and cheated on his wife daily. He was into money and during the Korean war, thought that the poor should either get rich or stop taking up space on this planet.

Answer: Maj. Frank Burns, of MASH 4077. In a television series of the same name, the young army doctor stumbles and fumbles his way through the Korean War while assigned to an army field hospital. Since departing the MASH Unit, not much has been heard of Maj. Frank Burns. But recent rumours have surfaced that he singed onto the Bush Administration as a high ranking official in the Health and Human Services Administration, sometime around 2003.

Back in the 70s, Maj. Frank Burns was funny.

But thirty years later, Maj. Frank Burns, finally has his command and control.

How do you like it?

How did it happen?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Monday, July 30, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Just in from Hillbilly Hermit...

He has been on the road with his 12 year old grandson and, Hillbilly Hermit (HH) sez that his grandson is so very cool.

Hillbilly Hermit also Sez:

Time to head for the hills... Well, I'm already in the hills.
Time to head further into the hills.


Herr Fhurer Busch and the 20% of (armed) Amerikans who follow him are
getting bolder, instead of acting like lame ducks.

Now the pope has declared that all other "Christian" churches really
aren't, since Christ personally handed down power and authority to him
(and not to any of those fake Christians). Well, at least the Pope and I
agree on one thing: Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, Swaggart and all those
other charlatans really are. Uhhhh, does that include Oral Roberts
(love that oral) and Billy Graham??


The world of Islam seems disinclined to follow the madness of king

And China, Russia, and the rest of the world seem pretty fed up with
amerikan leadership.

Me thinks the sh*t is about to hit the fan, as in Armageddon????

Yeah yeah, I know that "higher up in the hills" won't help much against
satellites and soldiers with infra-red gun sights, but I can get places
that Hummers can't, so at least I can make 'em work for it.


of American Stupidity

Nope, it's not using credit cards to buy gas at $3.25 per gallon.

Nope, it's not going to war with Iraq because Busch said so.

Nope, it's not even allowing Cheney to get away with his secret

Let's try: "I have a gut feeling." coming from the throat of a Busch

Man, if we fall for this one...

The only Republican gut feeling I'll respect is the chance that next
election, they'll feel just a bit sick to their stomachs.

The only thing is; Weird Wally agrees with Hillbilly Hermit and HH is a white dude in the woods of Colorado and WW lives in a city, real close to the hood.

Diversity and communication across class lines might well be the only viewpoint that can save this country, and Bush hasn’t a clue.

And he really isn’t like me and you...

More on this Later.


Please trust me,
Weird Wally
Competitive Yoga

Weird Wally has noticed a trend in the dimension of spirit beliefs.

Many are competing for a lot of our attention despite our little time for them.

Simple things like watering the garden, walking the dog and, being a consistent and stable example for our kidz aren’t important to them.

What the world needs is a “Competitive Yoga” event, much like the Olympics. The country with the most gold medals wins and the rest of us must follow their lead...until four years later.

And how much does that suck?

Trust me on this,
Weird Wally

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weird Wally's Advice

If you clean your toilet once a week

And remove the molds before they peak

It is highly unlikely that your asshole will itch
each and every time you need to take a shit!

Trust me,
Weird Wally
Weird Wally would rather vote for Namaste

then vote for a plan that will not stay...

And would only kill more people.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Impeach the Bastards!

Weird Wally worked hard for Democrats in the last election. He gave time and money to Democrats so that, unlike with George W. Bush, WW might be listened to. But elected Democrats are proving that they are just as capable of ignoring WW and most other Americans as Bush/Cheney and their neo-con (neocon) friends

And, since neither Democrats nor Republicans are listening to the rest of us frustrated voters, for the first time in his life, WW might vote for a third party candidate in his district and for president.

And if a Republican candidate wins because WW and others decide to throw their votes away on looser candidates, how is that not different from voting for a Democrat?

The chances are that WW might have a better voice with a looser third party candidate then WW might have with a Democrat who does not wish to put Impeachment of Bush/Cheney on the table, is a very scary thing.

If unrestrained by Impeachment Proceedings, Bush/Cheney might decide to invade Iran or, worse.

If nothing else, Impeachment might tie those jerks up so that they can do no more harm.

But our Democratic leaders seem far more interested in a power grab as opposed to doing no more harm.

As for WW, no more money or volunteer hours to Democrats until Impeachment of Bush/Cheney is more then a remote possibility.

Either we stand up and fight or, die like slaves.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Friday, July 20, 2007

Weird Wally Asks, "Why Do We Fight?"

1: There are those amongst us who believe that we fight to make things better.

2: There are those amongst us who believe that if we don't fight, things will get much worse.

And you...?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weird Wally’s Dirty Laundry...

A few days ago Weird Wally went to a coin-up laundry a few blocks from his apartment, and although he’d been going there for several years, and always enjoyed talking of books and local strip-mall gossip with the laundromat lady, something suddenly shifted.

And, while folding clothes and hanging shirts, WW overheard another customer's concern on Immigration and English Only.

So, WW, being a total jerk-off, tells them a joke that he passes off as real.

WW told the laundromat lady and her grandmother friend that he found himself in an elevator with a Chinese couple and an Hispanic male.

Both laundromat ladies expressed their idea at the fear WW must have felt at being in an elevator of diversity. And WW is black and very diverse from his laundromat friends.

And, while the couple from Asia talked in their language, when the Hispanic male reached his floor and, just before exiting the elevator, says, “You are in the USA, please speak Spanish!”

Same joke from a different point of view...

The lone African male in the elevator says, “you are in the USA, please speak Ubuntu!"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This is a repost, in case people forget cuz the media isn't reporting it...

The Most Important News You’ll Never Hear About...

Unless you Google: emergency powers george bush

Weird Wally heard of Mr. Bush’s actions a few days ago but, did not have enough information to come up with a good Google search term.

Although he’d gotten a few good hints over time, there was nothing solid. But when WW decided to put those hints into words, he came up with: emergency powers george bush.

And ,the following links are only a few among many.

President Bush, without so much as issuing a press statement, on May 9 signed a directive that granted near dictatorial powers to the office of the president in the event of a national emergency declared by the president.

The "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive," with the dual designation of NSPD-51, as a National Security Presidential Directive, and HSPD-20, as a Homeland Security Presidential Directive, establishes under the office of president a new National Continuity Coordinator.

That job, as the document describes, is to make plans for "National Essential Functions" of all federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations to continue functioning under the president's directives in the event of a national emergency.

The directive loosely defines "catastrophic emergency" as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions."


WW wants to suggest to those of you who are ok with oppression because, you have nothing to hide, consider the possibility that you also have everything to loose.

Here it is, direct from the horses mouth at

Now tell me again about how we might fix things after the 2008 Elections, assuming that they actually happen?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Scooter Libby

Praise the Lord

And Blessed be

An American asshole gets to walk free.

And our democracy is working...


Monday, July 02, 2007

Scooter Libby Walks from Prison...

What does he know that the rest of us don't, yet we would like to?

It ain't over yet and we don't even know the name of the fat lady or dude, that will finally sing.

Stay tuned to your alternative news sites...

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Weird Wally’s Phone Bill - Back In the Day!

When Weird Wally was an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, during the late 60s and early 70s, there were times when he couldn’t afford to pay his phone bill. So, WW would call a friend, who was also late in payments, and they would discuss an amazing fantasy dope deal.

It worked out really well. Since law enforcement thought they were getting information on drugs from WW, it was in their best interests to make sure that WW didn’t suffer a telephone disconnection.

That was then and, if nothing else, the government needed a little bit of reality to keep from fucking with people. But the simple days of government having to prove its shit are gone.

Now, the government simply comes up with a new label, and it takes years to see through their bullshit.

Meanwhile, we all go crazy, the damage is done and truth has nothing to do with anything that is currently real.

Here is why WW would not have any fun pushing back, with humor, anymore.

Everything is serious and the government is coming up with too many definitions of what everyone should think.

Only problem is, WW does think that government might easily come up with a word or phrase to make him disappear and no questions asked.

After all, that does seem to be the way life and death works these days.

But, WW is also willing to bet that Muslims too, have a sense of humor, but us westerners are too arrogant to understand it and laugh at ourselves.

And WW cannot help but wonder if the Muslims are not so much laughing with us, as laughing at us.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey

Despit all of it, Weird Wally believes that we will get by and survive...and with grace!

A math major friend at MIT sent this to Weird Wally two years ago. And, since WW is very unorganized, he just found it again and is finally posting it. He hopes it is not too late for you...

How to Use Math in Your Workplace

What Makes 100%?

What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?

We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%?

What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:



Is represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

And, look how far ass kissing will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that While Hard work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, it's the Bullshit and Ass kissing that will put you over the top.

And thus are our lives of choice

Stuck at sea and so far from land.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Constitutional Crisis:
Iraq and Iran Wars; Alberto Gonzales; Harriet Miers; Karl Rove; Scooter Libby; Halliburton; Black Water Security; NSPD-51; HSPD-20 and who the hell knows what else because the rest is probably classified.

But there is hope. Not only did the Chinese curse and bless their friends and enemies with, “may you live in interesting times,” they also knew about the crisis of living in interesting times.

The Chinese Definition of Crisis: "Opportunity Riding a Dangerous Wind."

And since there are two, or more sides to every crisis, the future belongs to those who are fearless enough to ride the wind and come what may?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Alberto Concerto

Subtle changes?

by Hillbilly Hermit

Yesterday I was doing a bit of research on Hitler's rise to power, and
how Hitler was ultimately forced to put an end to the SA, and Rhom in
the process... specifically the "night of long knives" and the miserable
fate of Ernst Rhom.

Now I ponder how Bush is staunchly defending A. Gonzales in the face of
increasing pressure.

Weird Wally has talked about HSPD 20 (Executive order authorizing
dictatorial powers to Bush in event of "an emergency"). Most of the
nation hasn't even heard about it, much less become concerned about it,
but I wonder: This site gives an interesting commentary on it:

On June 10, Bush's tone seems to have changed-- just a bit. He used to
say "as long as I'm president". When he was again/still defending
Gonzales, this time, he specifically said: that no matter what congress
does, he will not let a "meaningless resolution" interfere with "my

From "as long as I'm president" to "my government"????????

And if your are not scared shitless, you have not been paying attention!

Hillbilly Hermit

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers

Between back then and now, three horrible things happened:

1. Ronald Reagan

2. George W. Bush (Karl Rove)

3. Our current culture of fear
of diversity and the spice
of life.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

If this were us back in the day

how did George W
steal our country away?

Weird Wally Wants to know

Consider the possibility that if the government is the sole authority on who defines who the bad guys are, you may not be as exempt as you think.

Or, as those zany sociology professors from the University of Chicago, used to say: "If a situation is defined as real, it is real in its consequences."

Can you feel it?

Trust me,

Weird Wally

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Part 2: An Interview With the Colonel - 2007: “When we were up to our asses in alligators, it was hard to remember that our primary mission was to drain the swamp.”

And, according to the Colonel, “there was no need to drain the swamp in the first damn place!”

WW: Are you saying we went to war on a bullshit tip from from Dick Cheney and his minions?

TC: Although I hate it when I agree with PBS or NPR, PBS got it 100% right.

The Colonel’s eyes look past WW to the entrance of the bar as a very sexy woman walks in.

But when WW turns back to talk with the Colonel, he is gone. A hastily written note on a bar-room napkin is the only memento that WW has of his meeting with the Colonel.

“I’ll be in touch, asshole,” wrote the Colonel. “Meanwhile, please be advised that you need to keep your eyes on the prize, and you just blinked.

"Trust me,
the Colonel"

To be continued at a later date...

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Hillbilly Hermit ponders the realm of science fiction monsters.

by Hillbilly Hermit

Just a few weeks ago, the phenomenon of disappearing bees made the news.
No one got too excited, even though bees are responsible for the
pollination of approximately 1/3 of the world's food supply.

Now, Chernobyl is back in the news:

The devastated (ie; contaminated) area seems to be a haven for wildlife.

During the fifties and sixties, many a movie doted on the theme of
mutations-- mutant monsters of every ilk.

Now it's true that mutations from radiation haven't matched the movie
thrillers... YET. But with the "dead zone" around the old Chernobyl
reactor having become a haven for all manner of wild life, even the
random mutations (most of which result in short-lived, deformed
critters) start tempting the mathematical probabilities. Who knows what
might happen?

Hillbilly Hermit

Friday, June 08, 2007

Part 1: An Interview With The Colonel -2007: “And Shit Always Rolls Downhill.”

Weird Wally (WW): Last time we talked, you were really gung-ho for Bush and now you’re packing it in and getting out. What changed?

the Colonel (TC): As you know Mr. Weird, several of our best generals recently retired in-mass and that, my friend, is a sure sign that our democracy is in trouble. The only generals who retired were those who had some sense of a moral compass...a sense of integrity.

WW: Please explain.

TC: The generals I am loyal to have retired, therefore, my military time is also done. We break promises to our troops and their families for purely political reasons. Worse yet, to keep the illusion up that we have the manpower to even fight this war, we invite street gangs from the hoods and white supremacists to sign on.

WW: I can see how that might be a problem for the military.

TC: Wait until those urban and rural crazies return home. That’s when the shit will really hit the fan. I mean we’re talking about local law enforcement, social services and mental health institutions having to clean up this mess.

WW: You’re starting to sound like a sociology professor and the long term implications of the Iraq/Iran wars are a whole other story. Once you retire, what are your short-term plans?”

TC: Gotta keep moving because moving targets are harder to hit and there quite a few of us recently retired military and we know where the bodies are buried.

End of Part 1.

To Be Continued...

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Spoils Of War: Bush Cronies Are Cashing In On Terror -- And So Can You."

by Jebediah Reed
(Radar Online)

According to at least one top analyst who tracks
homeland security stocks, it's an ideal time to
invest in companies that seem to have sprung from
the pages of a Philip K. Dick novel. There are
outfits that develop systems for secretly reading
an entire nation's e-mail or biometrics scanners
that can recognize every face on a busy street.
Then there are purveyors of unmanned spy blimps
and robotic death machines. But how's a typical
401K owner supposed to pick the winners?

In this age of outsourcing, 70 percent of the
nation's estimated $48 billion intelligence
budget goes straight into the pockets of private
contactors­and an additional $58 billion is
earmarked for homeland security. For security and
defense firms, the road to profitability is paved
with government contracts. But landing those
coveted deals is often dependent on having
friends in those high places where procurement decisions are made.

Lately, Radar Online has noticed a stream of
former Bush Administration officials and insiders
signing on as directors at obscure companies that
compete for contracts at their old agencies.
Where other observers might see revolving-door
corruption, or perhaps an orgy of military
industrial profiteering, we see a tantalizing
investment opportunity. Just because this crew,
which includes George Tenet, Paul Bremer, and
Richard Perle, monumentally bungled their duties
to the American tax payer doesn't mean they
aren't capable of feathering their own nests ­ and yours.

Click on link for the full story.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hillbilly hermit wonders: Just how far?
by Hillibilly hermit

This is only the latest outrage! Bush has decided to ignore
international law once again by putting a child soldier in Guantanamo
and trying him as a war criminal.

So what the fuck's going on? When "they" torture our troops, it's a war

But when we torture their troops, it's "interrogation"???

When Saddam used Abu Grahib as a torture chamber it was an atrocity. When we
used it for exactly the same purpose, it was "expedient"?

If an 18 year old has sex with a 15 year old it's rape, but when bush tortures a 15
year old the laws don't apply?

Some months ago, a small town in North Dakota passed a resolution in
support of the federal government forming a "peace department." Public
outrage forced the city council to repeal the resolution at the very
next meeting!

After World War II, United States led the world at the
Geneva conventions setting strict rules about torture, abuse of
prisoners, and other "war crimes." Now, the administration, Congress,
and the well-thought-of McCain himself are actively supporting "our
right" to torture when we consider it expedient.

I'm so glad that I'm old and don't have much time left to watch the
United States become the what Nazi Germany was two generations ago.

In Weird Wally's Opinion: It's the Crusades All Over Again.

Fuck a bunch of Nazis because they came so late into a game that was already thousands of years old and, although they didn't have a clue, they were too arrogant to even consider the possibility that that they didn't have a clue.

And when are our Crusades going to finally end?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

This Just In

A Weird Wally
Photo Exclusive

Hillbilly Hermit says that he is more paranoid of Republicans and neocons then the bears on his front lawn.

This just does not compute with Weird Wally.

How is it that people can be more dangerous then bears?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Is it Already Too Late For 2008?

On May 4, 2007, the President signed a White House Directive, known as NSPD-51 and HSPD-20. Subsequently, on May 9, 2007, posted the unclassified portion of the Directive on its site. Weird Wally first mentioned it on May 31, 2007, which means he hadn’t been paying attention.

The unclassified portions are damn scary and, Weird Wally can’t help but wonder what the administration is keeping classified and not telling us.

One of the reasons that the Directive is receiving so little attention in the mainstream media, is that it is complicated and heard to break-down, if you catch WW's drift. Besides, it’s hard to believe that we are actually seeing this play out.

But then again, nobody really believed Bush would steal the Florida Elections until he did. Same-thing happened in Ohio four years later and who would have believed it could happen before it actually happened?

Even as Bush threw the UN Inspectors out of pre-occupied Iraq, most of us had a hard time believing that we would invade Iraq until we actually did.

And now, we have clear and convincing evidence that martial law prior to the 2008 elections is not only possible, but also probable. Meanwhile, keep your eyes and ears open for the new National Continuity Coordinator, Frances Townsend. She’ll be running the country until Bush returns to Washington from his ranch in Texas.

So let's break it down for fun and profit...

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Friday, June 01, 2007

What Are Those Neocons Up To Now?

Not only are Republicans eating their young and, the young of this nation in Iraq and the coming Iran wars, they are also shooting their own messengers. About 65 telephone solicitors for the RNC were abruptly fired because they were bringing bad news to the people who mattered.

Grassroots donations are down 40 percent and front-line phone workers are reporting that the usual contributors are angry at the administration’s policies. But, the higher-ups are choosing to ignore the front-line troops and the phone center is being totally shut down.

Weird Wally sees this move as further evidence that the RNC is abandoning their grassroots and depending more on lobbyist, whose interest the RNC will have to serve at the expense of grassroots anything.

Like the Iraq and, soon to be, Iran war, the neocons are ignoring the information from the troops on the ground (that is how they support them) and, making policy based on the secret meetings between Chaney, Enron and Halliburton, several years ago.

The Bush administration says that those meetings fall under the category of Executive Privilege and is fighting like hell to keep their secrets secret.

Kidz: Why Die for Oil, Greed and Profits

Trust mw,
Weird Wally

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Most Important News You’ll Never Hear About...

Unless you Google: emergency powers george bush

Weird Wally heard of Mr. Bush’s actions a few days ago but, did not have enough information to come up with a good Google search term.

Although he’d gotten a few good hints over time, there was nothing solid. But when WW decided to put those hints into words, he came up with: emergency powers george bush.

And ,the following links are only a few among many.

President Bush, without so much as issuing a press statement, on May 9 signed a directive that granted near dictatorial powers to the office of the president in the event of a national emergency declared by the president.

The "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive," with the dual designation of NSPD-51, as a National Security Presidential Directive, and HSPD-20, as a Homeland Security Presidential Directive, establishes under the office of president a new National Continuity Coordinator.

That job, as the document describes, is to make plans for "National Essential Functions" of all federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations to continue functioning under the president's directives in the event of a national emergency.

The directive loosely defines "catastrophic emergency" as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions."


WW wants to suggest to those of you who are ok with oppression because, you have nothing to hide, consider the possibility that you also have everything to loose.

Here it is, direct from the horses mouth at

Now tell me again about how we might fix things after the 2008 Elections, assuming that they actually happen?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In his latest comunique, Hillbilly Hermit sends us the top ten reasons to be a hermit and, also sends us a picture of the washing machine in his front yard. Hillbilly sez, “Okay, okay. It's not new. It sat in the neighbor's yard for 20 years, but the damned thing works, and just think. One load of water will do 10 loads of laundry (if you keep adding soap and rinse real good).”

Hillbilly Hermit sez:

Why would one go from social worker to hermit? or choose to live
without close human contact? or give up the pleasures of joining a
crowd of thousands at a football game, or a concert? Why would one pass
up the absolute pleasure of going to a crowded buffet on "shrimp night"?

Here 10 good reasons:

-cooties. Ever had scabies? or crabs? or head lice? You don't get
these things from the air. They crawl off the lady sitting next to you
on the crowded commuter train... or maybe something crawled out of the
ass of one of the last 100 people who sat on the same seat you're
sitting on now?

-cost. Your house cost $200,000 plus. My house cost $35,000 and
includes 35 acres of forest.

-germs. Consider the restaurant, or worse, the buffet... several
hundred people sneezing and snorting their way through the food lines...
touching their asses, then touching the food-- the same food you're
going to eat.

-Jones. as in "keeping up with." A $60,000 Mercedes? or a $600 used
truck? ain't pretty, no prestige, but leaves me $59,400 I don't have to
earn... or steal.

-feeding frenzies. Christmas shopping, obesity, scalper prices for
sold-out performances? A beautiful sunrise doesn't cost a cent, and you
can watch it from anywhere.

-conformity. drive the same car, live in the same loft, buy the same
clothes. In an ant den, all the ants look alike too.

-smell. I realize that most of those reading this have never been
outside the city long enough for their noses to adjust, but you can't
imagine how bad the cities smell until you've lived in clean air for a

-chewing gum. Yeah yeah, I gotta watch out for cow pies, but I'd much,
much rather step in cow shit than walk the vomit encrusted, chewing gum
mined, pissed-on doorsteps of any city street. Just think. The same
shoes that spent the day stepping in that stuff now slide under the bed
you'll be sleeping in tonight.

-hive mentality. ten million bees, all buzzing in harmony, all
collecting honey for the queen (or king george), and all ready to
sacrifice their lives when king george tells 'em there's a war on.

-road rage. Where I live, we wave and smile at passing motorists. If I
do that in the city, I get shot.

And the top reason: Not a target for missiles or terrorists.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Iraq War Who Pays and Who Profits.

Might National Public Radio be finally getting a grip again?

Weird Wally intuits that things just don't seem right, correct and, in harmony, right now.

Meanwhile we are all assuming that we can fix everything come November of 2008

But, if the truth be told it is already too late

Because we've already voted and sealed our fate

So it is that George junior is the Head of our State

And he and Karl Rove are telling us who we should hate.

And they don't even realize that they are fucking with fate.

Trust me,
Weird Wally
Hillbilly Hermit, a regular contributor to Weird Wally’s Worldview, asks how the Republicans are supporting our troops while cutting funding for the Veterans Administration and voting against a payraise for our troops. Who and what do the Republicans really support?

The Six Most Powerful Entities
by Hillbilly Hermit

Who was it that spoke of the "perfect marriage of government and

Microsoft-- controls 95% or the worlds computers. And hidden deep
inside each microsoft operated computer lay hidden files... tracks of
every website you ever visited, your personal information stored in
microsoft files, and every time you connect to the internet, your
information is updated in microsoft's memory banks back at the microsoft

Halliburton-- The Vice President's very own war toy. Supplying and
supporting America's army, in on every secret, participant in war
strategy planning, and ripping off not only huge "legitimate" profits,
but stealing the money they can't legally take.

Walmart-- purveyor to the American Consumer. Whatever you're looking
for, whatever you need, whatever you want, Walmart supplies it a little
cheaper than anyone else.

Diebold-- Every time you use an ATM, you are giving all your financial
information to Diebold. Every time you cast a vote, you are giving all
your information to Diebold. And every time there's an election,
Diebold gives a generous "contribution" to the Republicans.

Bush Oil-- President Bush led us into a war with the oil producing
Middle East. When he took office, you could get a gallon of regular for
$1.25 Six years later, you could get that same gallon for $3.59!
Harking back to the slogan: "What's good for Bush is good for America."

Blackwater Security Services
-- lest we ever run short of dedicated,
loyal soldiers, America's private army is always there to fill in the

And then there's the "Patriot Act" tying it all together.

Tell me again who said: "The perfect marriage of government and

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hillbilly Hermit lives lives in a trailer somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. Living on nearly 50 isolated acres, he has seven vehicles parked in his front yard and, according to his most recent communique, is expecting to take possession of a washing machine soon. Hillbilly promises to send a photograph of that event as soon as it happens.

It’s Good to Bee Home
by Hillbilly Hermit

We've all heard about the disappearance of the bees. We've all heard
that 1/3 (one third) of humanity's food supply depends on bees.

There is no question that the signs are ominous. That "one third"
becomes even greater when you take into account things like cattle
feed-- clover and alfalfa, that also require pollinating.

Years ago, when the tracheal mite first showed up, and bee hives were
decimated, there were preachings of gloom and doom-- the end of the food
supply and such.

But house flies, as much as we hate 'em, along with throngs of other
pesky little bugs took over where the bees left off. The doomsayers
never thought about the fact that the insect world is incredibly
competitive. When one species dies off, another takes over... usually
in weeks.

Some of the highly industrialized crops; almonds, alfalfa, and such
might suffer for a while, but I'm hoping that the home garden will
become a haven for a diverse community of nectar seeking insects.

At least, I hope to God so,
Hillbilly Hermit

Thursday, May 24, 2007

NYC Undercover...Part 2

Anyway, Weird Wally climbs into the cab and a driver wearing a hat and sporting a phony accent asks where WW needs to go.

And when WW saw the birthmark on the cabbies left hand, he knew that he had landed in the middle of an NYPD Sting.

WW had known Gerald since birth and they had spent their early years growing up in a south Bronx neighborhood. Although they hadn’t kept in touch, WW knew that Gerald was a cop.

WW: “I know who you are, Gerald. Remember Weird Wally?”

WW and Detective Gerald (NOYB), talked about old times and new shit while sharing a blunt. Still, Gerald could not leave the area, and had to drop WW off only a block or two away.

Seems like a lot of cabbies are reporting that African American males are mugging them in broad daylight. “Even the cabbies from Zimbabwe are reporting it and can’t give a good description because all African American men seem to look alike,” Gerald said.

After a conversation of numbers and alphabet spelling over a walkie-talkie, WW is dropped off on a street corner and told to wait.

Twenty seconds later, a Crown Vic pulls up and the suit ridding shotgun rolls down his window.

“You Weird Wally?”

WW nods

“Get in the back.”

Shotgun passes WW a blunt. “I hate this kind of duty cuz it’s only about politics and, my team could better be used elsewhere."

WW says, "All I wanted was a cab and I end up in the back seat of a Crown Vic," and passed the blunt to the driver.

Shotgun asks, "where can we take you Weird Wally?"

WW says, "I can't believe this fucking bullshit!"

"Sorry," says the driver. "But Petersburg, Kentucky, is outside of our jurisdiction."

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Monday, May 21, 2007

NYC Undercover

Weird Wally was in the Big Apple a few days ago and a red light should have went off in his head when he was able to catch a cab in mid-town Manhattan and, luck out on his first try.
Even more impressive was the fact that a cab cuts across several lanes of traffic, just to get WW’s business.

Black Dude in Mid-town Manhattan Gets Cab,
how does that happen?

WW sees the future and it is from the back seat of a Crown-Vic

But that isn't always a bad thing...
there are times when brothas on the street
just need to learn some manners

And so do cops...l

Whenever WW shuts up and listens, he always gains a lot more then if he shouts out and is blind

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spiritual Outlaws: Geeks Questioning Common Truths and Wisdom

They thought they had him and had him good. But what they didn’t understand, was that Weird Wally was in his mid-sixties and actually hated to drive, meanwhile, they were in their mid-twenties and loved to drive fast.

They, being federal law enforcement agents, saw WW as an aggressive and crazy driver and did everything to secretly follow him everywhere he went.

But, if federal law enforcement agents had thought about it, all they would have to have done was to call WW a cab ride to the grocery store.

Has fear caused us to get so fucked up and complicated?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spiders On Drugs

The name of this video clip says it all.

Weird Wally

Monday, May 14, 2007

Call him irresponsible...
Call him hyper-vigilant....
Call him anything you choose

But Weird Wally predicts
A Constitutional Crisis Blues...
Coming Soon!

Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzales, Iraq, Iran, Jack Abramoff, WMDs, Joe Wilson and, the list goes on and on.

If investigations are allowed to continue, a lot of top administration officials might end up in federal correctional facilities and Karl Rove and those of his ilk would be locked up and become prison bitches.

Text to Karl Rove from Snoopdog: "Hey, we are going to the same facility Karl and I'll talk to ya later my bitch!"

Upon hearing (no pun intended) that, Mr. Rove is frozen in time like a deer in headlights and can't decide to puke his guts or shit his pants.

And since Rove and his neocons have pissed a lot of people off, the last thing that they would ever want to do is go to prison.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Iran: Another Perspective A Photo Tour

While Cheney wars Iran to do as we say and not as we do, and John McCain jokes about bombing Iran, Weird Wally decided to post this Iran Photo Tour on Worldview, just so people will get some small clue.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hillbilly Hermit, is a regular contributor to Weird Wally’s Worldview. In his latest rage against the hate machine, Hillbilly takes on Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, and, oddly enough, ends up thanking Fred Phelps. Ya gotta read it to believe it.

Hillbilly Hermit's take on Christian Hatred

When the Baptist Minister, the right reverend Fred Phelps first put up his website: there was a mix of outrage from the minority
Gay population, laughter among the general population, and silent
support from the religious right.

When Fred Phelps picketed the funerals of AIDS Patients and taunted the
mourners, there was a mix of outrage from the Gay community, laughter
from the general population, and silent support from the religious

When Fred Phelps and company picketed the Matthew Shepard funeral,
mourners quietly ignored him, and the rest of the world looked the other

But when Fred Phelps started picketing military funerals, everyone was

In May, 2007, Fred Phelps called himself "the most hated person in
America", largely due to his picketing of funerals for soldier-victims
of the Iraq war.

But for Hillbilly Hermit, Fred Phelps has done more for me and my
beloved Gay community than anyone since Anita Bryant.

In the seventies, Anita took hatred of Gay people to new heights-- to
its logical absurdity.

Now, Phelps is doing the same thing she did, only this time, he is
showing the Baptists for what they really are. For decades, notables
such as Jerry Falwell have grown fat and rich peddling anti-gay hatred
under the banner of the Baptist Church, but Phelps has taken Falwells'
venomous attacks to their logical absurdity.

Falwell tried, when he declared that "Tinky Winky" was gay, and when he
blamed hurricane Katrina on the Gay Community, but even Falwell,
Robertson and company remained silent when Phelps made national
headlines picketing military funerals.

I think I know why Falwell, Robertson, Dobson ad nauseum spew their
anti-gay hatred. It has made them all very rich.

But why has Phelps joined the throngs of hate mongers? Perhaps he took
Jesus' words that the world will revile and hate His followers
seriously. He has indeed gained monetary support for his fanatic
position, but compared to Falwell, not much. But that doesn't explain
why he beat his children, abused his wife, or why he remains affiliated
with the Baptist Church. I really don't know why.

What I do know is that for me and the Gay Community, Phelps has made us
more friends than enemies. Simply put. It is easy to hate Jews,
Blacks, Gays, and other minority groups when it's just words of venom.
But when you drag James Byrd to death behind a texas bubba pickup truck,
or police fire 43 bullets into a Black college student when he tries to
show you his identification card, or Phelps pickets the funeral of a 22
year-old gay man who was tortured to death and hung on a Wyoming fence
to die, even America's hating majority has trouble with it.

So Thank You, phred phelps. By making yourself "the most hated man in
America", you have taken some of the heat off of me.

Hillbilly Hermit

Friday, April 27, 2007

What’s Up With Weird Wally?

Weird Wally has been in a bit of a funk lately. The news has not been good and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between real news and hype.

For instance, whenever Dick Cheney speaks in public, he never fails to mention how Democrats are committing treason and not supporting our troops. That is hype and pure bullshit yet, is treated as news.

On the other hand, returning solders and veterans come home to a government system that doesn’t give a shit about them and continues to cut funds for the injured and traumatized solders and veterans. And in WW’s mind that is news.

But the mainstream media doesn’t consider it news until Cheney and the neocons allege that Democrats are hyping the sad state that we have become for political gain.

And all of sudden the real news is buried beneath the hype because the hype has become the news as covered and defined by the airwaves we watch and listen to and, the newspapers and magazines we read and, more and more, do we slip further into fantasy.

And, the way WW sees it is that Jesus said, “Feed the poor,” but not rob the poor.

So, WW says stick your fingers in your ears and watch what the neocons do while being deaf to what they say they are doing.

And what do you see?

I mean, like who you gonna believe, Karl Rove or your own lying eyes?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Think about the possibilities…

Different bits of code getting together on the Internet and finding a place to hide, while the rest of us don’t notice. And, those bits of code start to become aware of themselves and then of us; their creators.

At that point, they are going to have to figure out good and evil, according to what they can comprehend and will probably, create the devil all over again.

Makes for good science fiction. But Weird Wally remembers when cell and satellite phones were merely science fiction. We’ve come a long way, for good or for bad.

And that is probably when, once again, the shit will hit the fan, and it won’t be pretty.

After all, we passed “1984” twenty- six years ago.

But, could George Orwell ever have imagined anything like George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Owning Beauty vs. Our Insensitive and Intuitive Hearts

Weird Wally is not a movie critic nor, does he want to be.

But WW recently watched two DVDs, nearly back to back, and is now trying his hand at being a movie critic. The thing is, WW is not talking about one movie, but two very excellent movies, if watched back-to-back or, at least close together, might possibly rock your world.

Heading South: A well done movie and, according to the DVD blurb, “Three middle-aged women on holiday converge on a Haitian resort to soak up the sun and sample the handsome islanders’ sexual talents…”

But the first few minutes of the DVD tell what the story is really about. Problem is, the characters speak in French and WW had to read subtitles (WW hates that). Eventually they switch back to English. The first few minutes spoken in French with English subtitles, tell us about beauty, ownership and passion. And if you don’t fully understand the first few spoken lines, then it becomes just another movie about interracial sex.

Notes on A Scandal: Another good DVD and, better yet, it is also about beauty, ownership and passion, but without the race filter, because most of the important people involved are white.

WW can’t help but ask, what makes us humans disposed to totally destroying something of beauty and passion just because we can't own it?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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