Friday, August 17, 2007

Gangs in Government

Recently, we’ve heard Gonzo talk about the “Gang of Eight,” who went to a hospital in order to intimidate John Aschroft into signing a document which he wanted nothing to do with.

And just last week, there were other members of a different gang of lawmakers who were briefed in secret about the progress or, lack of progress, in Iran and Homeland Security, who referred to themselves a different "Gang of Eight."

But between Halliburton, Black Water Security and the U.S. Military, turf will need to be defined, boundaries drawn and limits set.

Is Weird Wally the only person in the world who gets nervous when members of the government/administration, start describing themselves as part of a gang?

WW once thought that only the Bloods, Crypts, Chinese and, Drug Lords from Cuba and Columbia did that kind of shit.

But, then again, maybe a mid-east war over oil might bring in a lot more money then drugs.

Meanwhile, more beer here and, what’s Paris Hilton up to, anyway?

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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