Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Inner Wisdom of Hillbilly Hermit and, Why Weird Wally Never Believed in the American Dream Any-Fucking-Way!

Hillbilly Hermit: "a long time ago, I worked for a lady named Debbie, within a government bureaucracy. The higher powers were engaged in a "revenge of the sith" type power struggle and I, a young Jedi, was doing my best to bring
order to a disintegrating universe. Debbie said: Bill, sometimes you
can't repair it. You have to let the system crumble, then rebuild."

This summer, I had my two grandsons for a visit. Both are being raised
in Republican households, and worse, neither gives even the slightest
damn about what's going on around them. There is nothing... NOTHING
more important than their PSP, or their next spending spree. They're
not what I'd call "bad kids." It's just that for them, there is no
higher value than grandpa's wallet.

So as we watch Bush and company erode away all the dreams that once were
part of the "American dream", these kids do their part by "spending in
the face of 9/11"

Maybe we do need to just allow things to crumble.

And how was your summer family experience?

Hillbilly Hermit

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