Friday, December 28, 2007

Is this Legal???

Weird Wally (WW), who has a big mouth and, is in his sixties, has just received his “Draft Notice” from Blackwater - USA.

He has been drafted by Blackwater - USA and ordered to Iraq.

Although WW produced a birth certificate and other forms of valid identification proving he was too old to be drafted, the Blackwater District Draft Board decided to refer the matter to a higher authority.

Meanwhile, WW was informed that the Department of Justice was looking into the matter.

And until a decision was reached by the Department of Justice, he should follow Blackwater-USA orders and report to Iraq at his own expense.

Please Stay Tuned,
Weird Wally

Friday, December 21, 2007

Weird Wally Still Misses the Good Old Days

Does anyone remember the good old days before deregulation and, when life was simple?

For instance, if you dialed "O," for operator, you would get a friendly voice to help you through your crises and send you what you needed.

These days, however, if you dial "O", you'll get an automatic menu and if you choose the wrong option or have the wrong accent or skin color, you might get tased or, even killed cuz you never might know what will come your way.

So, imagine yourself as a 10 year old Muslim kid or, child of color, in an emergency; who might you call?

A Shady and mysterious member of your trusted family or, 9-11?

And please remember; "if a situation is defined as real, it is real in its consequences."