Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Impeach the Bastards!

Weird Wally worked hard for Democrats in the last election. He gave time and money to Democrats so that, unlike with George W. Bush, WW might be listened to. But elected Democrats are proving that they are just as capable of ignoring WW and most other Americans as Bush/Cheney and their neo-con (neocon) friends

And, since neither Democrats nor Republicans are listening to the rest of us frustrated voters, for the first time in his life, WW might vote for a third party candidate in his district and for president.

And if a Republican candidate wins because WW and others decide to throw their votes away on looser candidates, how is that not different from voting for a Democrat?

The chances are that WW might have a better voice with a looser third party candidate then WW might have with a Democrat who does not wish to put Impeachment of Bush/Cheney on the table, is a very scary thing.

If unrestrained by Impeachment Proceedings, Bush/Cheney might decide to invade Iran or, worse.

If nothing else, Impeachment might tie those jerks up so that they can do no more harm.

But our Democratic leaders seem far more interested in a power grab as opposed to doing no more harm.

As for WW, no more money or volunteer hours to Democrats until Impeachment of Bush/Cheney is more then a remote possibility.

Either we stand up and fight or, die like slaves.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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