Friday, June 01, 2007

What Are Those Neocons Up To Now?

Not only are Republicans eating their young and, the young of this nation in Iraq and the coming Iran wars, they are also shooting their own messengers. About 65 telephone solicitors for the RNC were abruptly fired because they were bringing bad news to the people who mattered.

Grassroots donations are down 40 percent and front-line phone workers are reporting that the usual contributors are angry at the administration’s policies. But, the higher-ups are choosing to ignore the front-line troops and the phone center is being totally shut down.

Weird Wally sees this move as further evidence that the RNC is abandoning their grassroots and depending more on lobbyist, whose interest the RNC will have to serve at the expense of grassroots anything.

Like the Iraq and, soon to be, Iran war, the neocons are ignoring the information from the troops on the ground (that is how they support them) and, making policy based on the secret meetings between Chaney, Enron and Halliburton, several years ago.

The Bush administration says that those meetings fall under the category of Executive Privilege and is fighting like hell to keep their secrets secret.

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We've been scamed, hven't we?