Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Spoils Of War: Bush Cronies Are Cashing In On Terror -- And So Can You."

by Jebediah Reed
(Radar Online)

According to at least one top analyst who tracks
homeland security stocks, it's an ideal time to
invest in companies that seem to have sprung from
the pages of a Philip K. Dick novel. There are
outfits that develop systems for secretly reading
an entire nation's e-mail or biometrics scanners
that can recognize every face on a busy street.
Then there are purveyors of unmanned spy blimps
and robotic death machines. But how's a typical
401K owner supposed to pick the winners?

In this age of outsourcing, 70 percent of the
nation's estimated $48 billion intelligence
budget goes straight into the pockets of private
contactors­and an additional $58 billion is
earmarked for homeland security. For security and
defense firms, the road to profitability is paved
with government contracts. But landing those
coveted deals is often dependent on having
friends in those high places where procurement decisions are made.

Lately, Radar Online has noticed a stream of
former Bush Administration officials and insiders
signing on as directors at obscure companies that
compete for contracts at their old agencies.
Where other observers might see revolving-door
corruption, or perhaps an orgy of military
industrial profiteering, we see a tantalizing
investment opportunity. Just because this crew,
which includes George Tenet, Paul Bremer, and
Richard Perle, monumentally bungled their duties
to the American tax payer doesn't mean they
aren't capable of feathering their own nests ­ and yours.

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