Sunday, August 24, 2014

It’s Not Just Demographics, Stupid

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Although he missed it by less than twenty-four hours, he still missed it.  Worse yet, he didn’t even know it was coming until after it had already passed.  On Friday, August 22, 2014, according to EthniFacts, the United States of America reached its “Multicultural Tipping Point.”

And Wally is a little depressed about it.  “I’m PC and into the diversity thing,” he recently told friends.  “But right now, we’re on the precipice and either we’ll step back a little or jump off.

“Meanwhile, we’re all pissed off, angry and compartmentalized.   Whites want to keep what they have and fear the rest of us want to take it from them and that we’ll treat them like they treat us.  And the fact that we have an African American as president really scares the shit out of them and they’d rather cut off their nose to spite their face than abide a successful black president.”

At times, even Wally is known to be verbose.  In short, most minorities go to #Ferguson, and white people tend toward #ILoveFerguson.   “It’s a simple tale of two cities,” Wally said.  “And symbolic of what’s happening all over the country.”

It’s possible that the Republicans will take the Senate in November, 2014.  And if they do, according to Wally, our government will most likely cease to function and we’ll all be fucked. 

Right now, Obama is sending a message that he is no longer, “the caver in chief,” and will stand strong and fight them off.  Meanwhile, Republicans are betting that he’ll fold and cave rather than risk a total government shutdown.  Now, does that suck or what?

Democrats, meanwhile, seem to be focused on 2016 and already writing off 2014.  Only problem is, a lot can happen in those two short years.  Imagine the worst possible things that Republican governments can do and, rest assured, it will be done.  Not only will they do as bad as you imagine, they will do worse than you can imagine.

In two years, they can suppress the vote, destroy the environment, repeal Obamacare, eviscerate public education and privatize social security, and that’s just for starts.   For Republicans, it’s all about power and control and by 2016, there may be only a few Democrats left who are still able to vote.  Republicans do not play fair and will do whatever it takes.  This is not a game for them and neither is it about democracy.

But if Republicans end up controlling both houses of Congress as well as state legislatures, it’ll be just like Wally said, “…we’ll all be fucked.”

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