Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Coming Shakeup at MSNBC and NBC News

Wally stayed up very late last night doing, what he refers to as, “important research.”   This morning, he told some friends that the shit will soon be hitting the fan at MSNBC and NBC NEWS.  And if there is any truth to what he said, the splatter pattern will be interesting.

Although he declines to name his sources, Wally is saying, “I wouldn’t put my money on Chuck Todd to host Meet the Press yet, if I were you.” 

According to Wally, many at NBC want to change the show’s format and Deborah Turness, President of NBC News, remains uncertain if MtP should even continue. 

In order for the show to survive, says Wally, NBC is considering pulling in Chris Matthews from MSNBC.  Problem is, Chris Matthews is quietly talking about retirement.  The other contender, Rachel Maddow, is saying, “I already have a life, thank you very much.”  With Matthews and Maddow pretty much out of the picture, Turness is said to be considering Joy-Ann Reid for the spot.  “It’s not as much of a long as you may think,” one NBC insider is rumored to have said.  “Watch this space.”

Weird Wally Sez:  Remember, you read this on the internet.

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