Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It’s Time for Voter Registration in Ferguson, MO

Let's protest at the polls people. Let's protest at the polls
“The Ferguson Police Department,” insists Wally, “is what happens when black people don’t vote.”  And despite all that is wrong in Ferguson politics, the fact remains that most brothers and sisters of Ferguson didn’t bother to vote.  “It’s only common sense that people tend to get the type of government they deserve,” he’d said.

Initially, Wally was somewhat upset with the victims of the Ferguson Police and wondered how it was possible in a town where African Americans outnumber whites by more than two-thirds, whites hold all the political power? 

Like most Americans, regardless of race, Wally’s thoughts and opinions were much like bumper stickers; short, sweet and to the point.  And “Black People Don’t Vote,” precisely fit the bill. 

But after typing “how many blacks voted in the last Ferguson, MO elections,” into google search,  Wally says that he now sees with eyes wide open and things aren’t always as they first appear.  As a result, Wally figures it might be a good idea to couple voter registration and education to the current protests, “That'll scare the shit out of those power hungry bastards,” he said.

Note:  Today is August 19, 2014 and the mentioned search has surely been updated and improved.  But by far, the best article to date appeared in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Kos and is probably still worth reading even if you read nothing else.  

Weird Wally Sez:  Remember, if you don't vote, you won't count.

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