Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Just Ducky on ISIS

When Wally first came across a clip of Phillip Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty, being interviewed on FOX News by Sean Hannity, Wally found himself speechless for several minutes.  Initially scheduled to promote his new book, “unPHILtered, Robertson mainly concerned himself with foreign policy, ISIS and God.

Reading from the Bible which he carries his with him at all times, he talked of the war between good and evil and emphasized that since he is a Christian, he is with the “children of God,” and forever fighting with those under the power of the “evil one.”   According to Robertson, ISIS and possibly all Muslims are under the power of the evil one and there’s only way to deal with them, “I think you either have to convert them…or kill them.  One or the other,” he said.

Weird Wally Sez:  It’s a bizarre clip, but you gotta see it to believe it…

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