Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Should You Believe Americans for Prosperity or Your Own Lying Eyes?

Although it’s been a few years since Wally was in college and he was never a member of any fraternity, he remembers reading about some of their “pranks” in the campus newspaper.  At most, they may have caused some minor inconveniences but were pretty harmless.  “In a few cases,” he said, “I was even amused and enjoyed their creativity.”  In the case of a recent election prank perpetrated by the Koch brothers’, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), however, the prank was neither amusing nor creative and Wally says he is highly pissed.

“It’s bad enough they think us Democrats are composed of stupid minorities and single young women who are easily fooled,” Wally wrote in another of his unpublished letters to the editor.  “But the fact that those arrogant Republican assholes think that they can trick us with a third-rate fraternity prank is pretty damn insulting.”

Recently, the Democratic Party of North Carolina filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections that AFP sent out mailers to targeted groups riddled with lies and misinformation.  In short, the mailers instructed people to wrong voting places, on wrong days and then, directed those with questions to an incorrect phone number and address.  Such actions are illegal and are currently being investigated by the North Carolina Board of Elections.   

Meanwhile, AFP is saying the mistakes are unintentional and Democrats are insisting that the mailers were a voter suppression tool.

“Seems like the Koch brothers think they’re cops and are probably expecting to get away with committing felony crimes by either taking the life or rights away from, what they seriously see as, lesser and undeserving people."

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