Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Condoleezza Rice to Head up the NFL

Wally has been acting weirder than usual of late and is taking bets that Condoleezza Rice will be heading up the NFL, very soon.  “It wouldn’t surprise me if Wally knows something the rest of us don’t,” an acquaintance of his recently said.  “After all, they’re both African-American…”

Although people aren’t lining up to place their bets, if she is the next NFL commissioner, Wally might make a few bucks.  “Roger Goodell is really in deep shit because of his fuck up over Ray Rice’s left hook to his girlfriend’s face,” Wally Said.  “It was handled real badly and Goodell has no choice but to step down, because of it.

“Besides.  It would fit the image of what most white people think about black families; a strong black woman bossing around a bunch of young black dudes.  And if any of them hit their woman, they’d have to come and talk with to mama.  Kind of scary when you think about it.”

 According to Wally, Condi’s father was a football coach and she grew up knowing football, “I was a student of the game,” she said.  And in April of 2002, in a New York Times interview, she said that being the “NFL commissioner would be her dream job.”   

“And as everyone well knows,” said Wally, “you don’t ever say ‘no’ to mama.”

But wait!

There’s more…

Since most of the NFL owners are very conservative, it’s highly likely that they’ll jump at the chance to piss off a bunch of liberals. 

“But now that I think about it,” sez Wally.  “A few African-American owners might add a little depth to this picture.”

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