Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Louie Gohmert Page(s)

The initial plan was to include an “Asshole of the Day” page, but during a recent editorial meeting, Wally pointed out that there were enough Asshole of the Day blogs already on the internet.  “Besides.” he said, “That means someone would have to find and post a different asshole every day and since that someone would likely be me, I have a better idea.”

Thus, “The Louie Gohmert Page” was born.  After all, a man of his limited stature and lack of scruples deserves his own special page on Weird Wally’s Worldview.   “And if there’s one thing you can count on, Louie Gohmert is gonna be an asshole at least once a day, every day,” Wally exclaimed.  “So here’s how we do this…”

1.        The Louie Gohmert Page will be open to public submissions.  Like much of what Mr. Gohmert says, submissions need not have any bases in fact, can be totally made-up and sound as silly as duckshit.   As a matter of fact, the more bizarre, the better.  Click here for a perfect example.  Although this example is true, your submission doesn’t have to be.  Either way is fine with us.
2.       Like Louie Gohmert, we have no rules governing what appears on this page or its links.
3.       If your submission has any bases in fact, we need to know.  Our readers might want to follow-up.
Please send all submissions to

Meanwhile, our first post for the Louie Gohmert Page pretty much speaks for itself.  Kind of like words from the asshole’s mouth.  Can you top it?  Text, images, and videos are all welcome!

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