Monday, October 27, 2014

What If Republicans Take Control?

Wally recently had lunch with several left leaning friends and every one of them, Wally included, were down in the dumps.  “There’s no getting around it,” said one.  “Republicans ran a better campaign and put the Dems on defense.”

“I’m starting to think that they’re just smarter than us,” said another.  “After the way she dissed Obama, I know a lot of my sisters and brothers back home won’t come out for Ms. Allison Lundergan Grimes, the bitch.”  Update, Kentucky’s two largest newspapers have recently endorsed Ms. Grimes, but that may not be enough.

Then there was the Bruce Braley campaign in Iowa.  If nothing else, they all agreed, you don’t tell folks in Iowa that they’re not capable of understanding something because they’re just farmers and not attorneys.  “And what’s up with Massachusetts Democrats and Martha Coakley,” Wally asked.  “She can’t relate yet they keep running her for office.  Shit, she was the one who created Scott Brown, the asshole.”

But all agreed, bad times are ahead for Democrats and others of the 99%.  And although, if Republicans win, they will not have the 60 votes needed for a veto proof  congress, but between the House and the Senate, they can create a lot of havoc and stalemates. 

And the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, will constantly be under attack in hopes of an eventual kill.  Consumer Protection, financial regulation and oversight, environmental protection, voting rights and that all makes this country what it is, will likely be diminished, if not totally taken out.

Meanwhile, every crazy idea that the Republican House tried to pass, might eventually pass the Senate, causing a Presidential veto and once again, there will be obstruction and blame.  “Only this time,” said Wally, “we’ll all be watching.  And better yet, we’ll know who all the players are and which team the're playing for.  Just in time for 2016”

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