Sunday, October 05, 2014

What Will SCOTUS Pull Out Of Its Ass This Time?

For most of his life, Wally paid minimal attention to the Supreme Court.  After all, they were just a bunch of trusted old men and woman who always did the right thing.  “That’s what I learned in high school and until recently,” he said, “had no reason to doubt it.”

But Wally realizes how different things are now.  Although appointed by politicians, the justices were above politics and held those lofty positions because of their character and integrity.  “But lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas,” Wally said in a recent tweet.

And he is not alone, recent polls are showing that the decisions of SCOTUS are turning people off, big time.  Because of four prosperous old white men and one crazy black man, according to Wally, those of us who aren’t in the top 98 percent income bracket are going to get screwed.
According to Gallup, people started losing faith in the Supreme Court back in 2000, with their 5-4 decision to hand the presidency to George W. Bush.   And how they managed to declare that corporations are people is still a mystery.

Right now, the Court has already gutted the Voting RightsAct and will likely inflict more damage this session.  It is also looking to inflict damage to Fair Housing, Environmental Protection Agency, birth control, financial regulation, consumer protection and so much more.  Worse yet, they may succeed in gutting Obamacare, a Republican’s wet dream.

Wally is among many in his opinion that SCOTUS Justices are no better than politicians and term limits for them is a good idea.  Just watch and see as the US Supreme Court takes us back to the fabulous 1950s in full black and white with analog sound.

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