Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Note to Democrats: What Goes Around Comes Around.

“If you’re a Democrat running for office and trying to figure out what Republicans are up to,” Wally suggested in a recent tweet, “you might give a listen to Undecided, an old Ella Fitzgerald song from back in the late 30s.”  And if the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished,” has any truth, according to Wally, “Democrats are being both screwed and betrayed.”  

As part of their Ryan budget, Republicans are in favor of cutting the social safety-net, and Social Security benefits are at the top of their list.  But if you watch their latest television ads, you’ll surely believe that it’s the Democrats who are out to screw over your grandmother and other seniors.  Take this ad, for instance, put out by Georgia Republicans saying that Rep. John Barrow wants to cut Social Security benefits and raise the retirement age to 69.  Another ad, put out by Karl Rove’s Cross Roads GPS accuses Kay Hagen (D), Arkansas of also wanting to cut benefits and raise the retirement age.   There are also a ton of other Republican ads accusing Democrats of wanting to do-away with mortgage deductions and other middleclass tax relief as well.  Meanwhile, Lori Montgomery’s article in The Washington Post, goes into this Republican flip-flop quite well and it is worth a read.

What Republicans say and what Republicans do are two very different things.  Back in the day when everyone was talking deficit, the Ryan Budget favored the slashing and eventual privatizing of Social Security.  And the free market was their answer.

Now, with the election only days away, the GOP still wants to cut and eventually privatize Social Security.  But you’d never know it if you only pay attention to their ads.  They’re trying to come off as champions of seniors and the middleclass, but they aren’t.   Worse yet, they are not even being honest about their beliefs on abortion and contraception.

Meanwhile, Wally wonders what’s up with Colorado’s candidate for U.S. Senate, Cory Gardner.  Although he is sponsoring the personhood bill,  the Life at Conception Act, Gardner denies that he is totally against birth control and shamelessly pro-life.  But that’s a story for another time.

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