Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Will the 2008 Elections Actually Happen?

With the bizarre behavior of the Bush Administration doing what it wants regardless of what common sense and common good dictate, Weird Wally has been very paranoid of late. It’s pretty obvious that Bush and his neocons lied to us in the past continues to do so and, will continue to do so in the future. There is the Iraq surge of 21,000 new troops, but rumor has it will be closer to 50,000. Despite the administration’s continued denial that it has no intention of invading Iran, WW needs more then mere words to believe them. Canceling the surge and bringing home the troops would, for instance, help WW to match Bush’s behavior with what WW, and most everybody else sees.

Is it possible that things are getting so out of control so fast that many high-ranking career military officers would resign before carrying out orders to take any kind of action against Iran?

“Some of America’s most senior military commanders are prepared to resign if the White House orders a military strike against Iran, according to highly placed defence and intelligence sources.

"Tension in the Gulf region has raised fears that an attack on Iran is becoming increasingly likely before President George Bush leaves office. The Sunday Times has learnt that up to five generals and admirals are willing to resign rather than approve what they consider would be a reckless attack.”

For the complete article: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/iraq/article1434540.ece

Maybe we won’t turn out like Nazi Germany after all, but as our more competant and ethical generals resign, the faster those who are incompetant and unethical will rise to take their places. The thing is, Bush will promote them, but can Congress or, anyone else stop him?

And if not, what might happen to the 2008 Elections?

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