Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Clones Are Coming

To supermarkets and restaurants near you.

Until recently, Weird Wally seldom stepped foot inside organic supermarkets and food boutiques. For WW, organic meant boring.

But the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration has approved that meat and milk from cloned animals, are ok for sale to consumers. Worse still, the products from cloned animals need not be labeled as such.

For WW, this approval means that he will be visiting organic supermarkets and restaurants more often. In other words, if WW doesn’t know exactly what he is buying, he’ll take his business to a place that can tell him.

Since cloning an animal is expensive, about $15,000 for a single dairy cow, only large and corporate farms can make use of the technology. But the FDA approval means that it will now be worth the expense. But as more people come to understand that the milk and meat they feed themselves and families, may come from a clone, the more they will avoid supermarkets and restaurants that can’t provide a guarantee that their food is clone free.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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