Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fear and Loathing to 2008 and Beyond

If you’re not scared shitless, you haven’t been paying attention. A lot of people who were initially just pissed are now starting to get scared and, Weird Wally is among them. There is a murky darkness and dimming of the light coming out of Washington that is engulfing our country. Politics has really changed over the past few decades and it’s who has the best sound bites as opposed to the best ideas. And the sound bites that seemed to work best were the most mean and nasty. After all, when you either have nothing to say or, want to divert people’s attention away from what you are doing to what you are saying, you make the attacks vicious and personal.

Right now, for instance, Hillary Clinton is preparing to be Swift boated ( by the Republicans. But, Hillary, unlike John Kerry, will be kicking ass and fighting back.

The John Murtha Smear

Brit Hume, of Fox News tries yet another personal smear to divert attention from the Whitehouse,

This really sucks on the part of Brit Hume/Fox News and WW is waiting for John Murtha to punch them both out.

The Subtle Affects of Living in Fear

If you can deal with reading long winded but insightful articles, this is a must read. Best to print it out and since WW doesn’t have a printer, he had to read it on his screen. Still, it was worth it. WW has tried several times to obtain a printer, but as he’s leaving the store, those pesky Wal-Mart Greeters always seem to stop him.

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