Friday, February 16, 2007

$10 Billion just up and Disappeared

While life in the U.S. for the average working person is going down the toilet and we struggle to balance our checkbooks, someone in Washington absconded with $10 billion.

Private contractors are making big bucks of off the Iraq war and, in many cases, they just submit a bill to the government and get paid for doing or providing nothing. If the truth were told, Weird Wally would like a gig like that. This $10 billion disappearing act occurred during a time when Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress and no one noticed. Now that Democrats are in control of Congress, the billion-dollar loss has been discovered and they want to know how it happened.

And so does WW. Although the Hearings in Washington were held yesterday (2-15-07), WW has heard little mention of it in the U.S. mainstream media and, as a matter of fact, WW learned of it through The Guardian, a newspaper published in the UK. The article is worth a read.,,-6418299,00.html

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