Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Guns and Less Butter

Weird Wally shudders to think what life would be like if the Republicans still controlled Congress because, Bush’s budget would sail through yet, it calls for an 11.3% increase in defense spending.

Democrats, meanwhile, are holding Hearings and asking questions. Even the mainstream media are no longer ignoring the obvious and seems to be growing a little backbone. The massive corruption in Washington is less and less becoming politics dirty little secret and most of us are pissed.

There are some, however, who still don’t get it. When I asked a few conservative friends, why they were so upset with Bill Clinton and not by Bush, they shrugged it off by saying that all politicians are crooks.

But what about the numbers behind this 11.3% shift in priorities? For one thing, there will be cuts of, at least, $66bn over the next five years to Medicare, the system that provides healthcare to the elderly. In addition, Bush wants to snag another $12bn from Medicaid, which provides healthcare for the poor.

So, let WW get this straight. Bush wants to expand healthcare to the elderly, poor and, otherwise, uninsured Americans?

Sounds like bullshit to WW!

Meanwhile, take a closer look…
Trust me on this,
Weird Wally

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