Sunday, March 04, 2007

Whole Foods Divided

Granted, Weird Wally lives in a low rent apartment complex in southeast Denver but, he is lucky enough, to live near some pretty upscale pieces of property. And that is the only reason why Whole Foods opened a store only two blocks away from WW’s one bedroom habitat and, WW shops at Whole Foods once or twice a week. And, with the exception of good sex, shopping at Whole Foods is the second best reason to enjoy our temporal lives.

Although WW is a fearless kind of dude, the very thought of a cloned animal in his food chain, just creeps him out, so he shops a lot at Whole Foods.

But when WW’s older sister (she's only a step away from being a communist inspired vagen), sent him an article from The New York Times about Whole Foods selling illusion as opposed to substance, WW just didn’t care. As far as WW was concerned, Whole Foods was like Nirvana.

But after reading this article, WW realizes that even Nirvana has its cracks.

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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