Saturday, March 24, 2007

How the “War on Drugs” Laws Really Work

With the exception of the experts on African American culture at Fox News and their silly little attempt to redefine Barack Obama as something other then African American, Weird Wally has stayed out of the “race drama.”

But when he came across this piece by Arianna Huffington, WW had a shift in perception.

What Ms. Huffington saved for the last paragraph in her post, WW would have used as the lead:

“A 2000 study found that 1.4 million African American men — 13% of the total black male population — were unable to vote in the 2000 election because of state laws barring felons access to the polls. In Florida, one in three black men is permanently disqualified from voting. Think that might have made a difference in the 2000 race? Our shortsighted drug laws have become the 21st century manifestation of Jim Crow.”

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Trust me,
Weird Wally


Anonymous said...

The idea seems to be to disqualify as many people of color from voting.

And it's working!

Anonymous said...

Unless the voting laws are improved, the election will continue to be unfair to African Americans.

Jason Hughe

Daniel said...

African Americans have the unfair treaty on the voting.So the voting lows must be changed.Go to, you can find how to chang it.
Dainel Pennant

Anonymous said...

This isn't just a race thing. Plenty of decent white folk have been totally fucked by the current drug laws as well.

Anonymous said...

This isn't just a race thing.Plenty of decent white folk have been totally fucked by the current drug laws as well.

Tom Harper said...

The War on Drugs is completely useless. It's wrecked millions of lives and drained trillions from the U.S. Treasury. Jim Crow laws (like you were saying) and class warfare in general are probably the underlying purpose of our drug laws.