Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deep Background…

Weird Wally is a Capricorn and has an innate desire to understand things; even the things that cannot be understood by the rational mind.

The upside of the situation is that most people agree that WW does not have a rational mind. But every-now-and again, WW has a rational thought or two, and no matter how hard he tries to hide it, WW’s rational tendencies slips through his persona and reveals itself to the real world.

Thus, whenever WW attempts to understand the bizarre behavior of the Bush Administration, two very rigid and straightforward rules come to mind:

Follow the money and learn about how Halliburton and Blackwater made billions from Katrina and the Iraq war . It might also be fun to check out Dick Cheney and, a good place to start is with, Dick Cheney.

Meanwhile, try sticking your fingers in your ears and making silly noises so that you don’t listen to what they say, but watch what they do. This can be very enlightening if you are up for it.

Bye 4 now and trust me on this,
Weird Wally

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Anonymous said...

I consider myself a healer of the earth. I don't know ehy, but I think of Bush and Cheney as the Anti-spirits of the Universe, whatever the hell that might mean to you.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me... :-)

Anonymous said...

Do we really hate as much as we think we do and, are we as small minded as we think we are?