Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weird Wally received this editoral from a vet who has something to say

A Guest Editorial From an Old Vet

This morning, I listened to yet another report about the miserable and filthy conditions in the Veteran's hospitals... You know... the place where returning soldiers are treated for their war wounds...

Hillary Clinton announces loudly that "There will be an investigation."

Hell, I can already tell you what's happening. Young and foolish men and women bought in to the government's war blather. They believed not only that they are doing something "right", but that the government would follow through on its promise to "treat them right." For you, it might be the "Bush war." For me it was the Vietnam war.

So the vet comes back from the war, minus a leg, or maybe an eye, or maybe only their mind got blown away. But to their surprise, the same damned president who lied to them in the beginning-- about why they should give their lives and their blood for "the country," also lied to them about after-care. Hey Veteran! Your country doesn't need you anymore. You are damaged, and can't "help the war effort," so why shouldthe government waste any more money on you? Like a horse with a broken leg, it would be better to just shoot you. But oh yeah, that's right,our president is a "right-to-lifer", which means that euthanasia is"wrong". So no, they won't even shoot you and put you out of yourmisery. You can just f**king rot in the rat-infested VA hospital, and suffer.

Simple truth? You (and I) are cannon fodder, and once you've been expended, you have ZERO VALUE. Get it? Remember, Bush represents "the haves, and the have-mores." You and I ain't shit.

A Vietnam era vet.

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Anonymous said...

By helping stuff like this get to the public you are not supporting our troops! Why do all of you progressives always focus on the negative part of Capitalism?