Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sue Obama! Impeach Obama! And Why God Don't Like Ugly

“I’m sick and tired of hearing about it,” Weird Wally announced at an open meeting of Political Bloggers Anonymous, earlier this morning.  “First, John Boehner is going to Sue Obama then, the House is going to impeach him.  And if the Republicans take the Senate, remove him from office.  Haven’t they figured out yet that God don’t like ugly?”

Just after the 2012 election, Wally thought the petty Republican behavior and hatefulness would just go away.  What he’d forgotten was that the Senate Minority Leader had announced to a group of his colleagues on the very night of Obama’s First Inauguration, that their main goal should be to deny him a second term.

“And it just gets worse from there,” Wally said in an email to a fellow blogger.  “It’s like reading a Harry Potter novel where all kinds of voices and illusions are conjured up in order to distract and confuse.”

Wally sensed that the chaos creating magicians were getting too full of themselves and continued their dark magic, unaware of a new kind of light shining upon them.  It was not that this new light was invisible to them, they just were too busy looking backward to pay any kind of attention to what was right in front of them. 

But many spells worked and people seemed blind to them.   The Benghazi and Immigration spells of distraction, among other things, continues to piss on the president’s approval rating,  And even as thousands of desperate, unaccompanied children fleeing death and tyranny arrive hungry at our boarders, Wally is amazed at how successfully the chaos magicians cast spells of confusion amongst the people.  And many citizens gather to toss verbal rocks and abuse upon the children as they arrive.

A lot of these spell casting politicians aren’t for real and even Wally knows what they’re up to.  They run for office with no intention of ever wining.  After saying stupid things and appealing to our most base instincts, they lose elections, but end up making hundreds of thousands of dollars giving speeches, writing books and consulting for think tanks. 

There’s money to be made if you’re on the “right” side of the political divide.  Republican billionaires, like the Koch Brothers, are spending billions trying to tell us that tax cuts for them are a good thing for the rest of us.  They like to call themselves, “job creators,” but Wally knows better.

And although Wally is not a religious kind of guy, he considers himself a person of faith.  And he has absolute faith in the Basic Law of Karma:  What goes around, comes around.  Wally also knows that God don’t like ugly.

That is why, perhaps, he hasn’t give-up.   But even with the chaos yelling and screaming all around him, he knows that chaos cannot succeed.   Chaos has a lot of red meat to toss to its minions, but people like Weird Wally are also feeding off of that same red meat and getting energized.  Maybe enough of us will get out and vote come November and we can keep some Republicans from taking the Senate.  If not, we’ll still have a president who can frustrate and forestall their agenda for another two years.  And although Wally admires and respects President Obama, he doesn’t want to be him.

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