Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Israel’s Gaza Policy is Bad Karma
Weird Wally admits that he is no expert on world affairs, but as far as he’s concerned, there is little difference between the Warsaw Ghetto and the Gaza Strip.  And although he knows next to nothing about the actual situation in Gaza, he does have an opinion.  Make the mistake of asking, he’ll gladly tell you about it.  Pretend to be deaf, and he’ll write it down.  He is, after all, retired and might have nothing else better to do that day.

Between television news and live internet streaming, Wally has been watching a lot of pain and suffering.  The 139 square mile Gaza Strip is home to 1.82 million people with most of the population confined to roughly 44 percent of the land because the Israeli military is saying that they now own the rest.  But that is been so for Palestinians for several decades; the government of one nation telling the citizens of another how to behave and who to vote for.

As a matter of fact, according to Wally, that’s the current situation in a nutshell.  Back in 2006, Israel was telling Palestinians how to vote.  And since Israel had designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, Israel made direct threats to Palestinians and told them not to vote for Hamas.  Naturally, the Palestinians did the exact opposite of what their long time enemy, and schoolyard bully, told them to do.

Israel, having an organized military and sophisticated weapons, threw up a blockade around Gaza which, in turn, pissed off the residents who fought back with rocks.  Hamas, meanwhile, had their own agenda and added their arsenal of out dated and unsophisticated weapons to the fray.

And the Palestinians are caught in the middle.  Because of the blockade, Israel determines what is and is not allowed into Gaza.  And there has been shortages of food medicine and electricity for several decades and life on the Strip has been hard.  But these days, life is even harder and basic necessities like water and sewage are simply not available.  Ever.

But it’s the terror that Israel is inflecting onto the people of Gaza that makes Wally cringe.  “Imagine what life must be like for the people who live there.  At any moment sudden death can come raining down from the sky and there is no safe place for you and your family to go.

“And what of the children who live in daily terror of Israel, a nation gone rogue and drunk with power?  Who is a terrorist is in the eye of the beholder, and a lot of those children will grow up seeing the nation of Israel as a terrorist nation and, ten years down the road, Israel will have to deal with that.”

When jokingly asked if he could be more direct in his statement about Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip, Wally is rumored to have said, “Looks like genocide to me.”

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