Thursday, November 06, 2014

Sidewalk: The Lives of Women

Wally is the first to admit that he has absolutely no idea what it is like to be a woman.   And although he can never know via experience, he recently came across a short and brilliant video clip and article that he found helpful. 

But “Sidewalk” is more than just about the lives of women.  It is also about how we, as individuals, see ourselves as we get older and the self-pain and suffering we inflect as we travel through each of life’s phases.  It also reminds us of how nothing is permanent and, like it or not, we will go through changes.  And the changes never stop.  As soon as we get proficient in one phase of life, we’re already into the next, and the only thing we get to take to that next phase is the wisdom we’ve gained from having gone through the last one.  Mostly, it isn’t enough and we’ll always find ourselves totally unprepared.

Perhaps, that is why we should only take ourselves seriously when absolutely necessary.   Because no matter who or where we are, the only thing that’s ever guaranteed is that things, as we know them, will change. 

But best to watch this short video before reading the Think Progress article.  That way, you’ll form your own perceptions and reality before Celia Bullwinkel gets a chance to tell you about hers.

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