Monday, November 17, 2014

Post Midterm Blues and Unhealthy Foods
With the midterms done, Wally has no choice but to get back to the life he’d put on pause about seven months ago.  Firstly, he turned off MSNBC and picked up a few paperbacks.  It's also time to finish his fall cleaning, do a little reading and look for new stuff to cook. 

And the gods of synchronicity saw fit to introduce him to Auntie Fee, via Facebook.  A friend had posted it to his newsfeed and he got hooked.  Auntie Fee (aka Felicia A. O’Dell) is like a Martha Stewart for the rest of us.  She has over 45 videos on YouTube, most of which, have gone viral.  When instructing on preparing her raisin sweet treats, for instance, she says, “It’s just something sweet for the fucking kids.”  And while prepping the ingredients for her culinary offerings, she passes along a lot of wisdom during her unscripted small talk.  “Fat people and kids like a lot of cheese,” she said, while preparing a cheap treat containing lots of cheese.

But there’s also a sense of exotic lifestyles which exist, often unseen, right in front of our very eyes.  One of Wally’s favorites, “How to Feed Seven people with just $3.35,” is also a pretty good commentary on society, not so much by what she says, but what she doesn’t say.

So with the midterms over and Blue Team Democrats having gotten their asses handed to them, Wally is looking forward to hanging in the kitchen with his laptop and Auntie Fee.  “I’m gonna try some of her shit,” he recently posted on his Facebook page.  “And look forward to the small pleasures in life since, with the possible exception of immigration, there probably won’t be any big ones for the next couple years.  And with Republicans running congress, learning how to feed 7 people on $3.35 might be a pretty handy skill to have in the near future."

Feeding 7 for $3.35

Sweet Treats for the kids

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