Monday, June 16, 2014

What's Up With Iraq? We Haven't a Clue and Neocons Least of all

Although Wally made a solemn vow to keep silent about anything having to do with Iraq, there is so much distorted spin and misinformation put out there, he is having trouble remaining silent.  But what Wally really finds maddening is that the very people who got us into this crisis in the first place, are now telling us how to manage the damn crisis.  Fact is, the people who first got us into Iraq are losers who need to backup and look at themselves.  Maybe even admit they made some serious errors in the past.  Until they do, folk like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and other verbal neocons, have zero credibility.  Neocon is short for neoconservative, but neocon fits best because most of what they say is a con.

And most everybody knows it except, it seems, the neocons, because their new story is the same old shit as their old story.  Back when Russia sent undercover troops to Crimea and threatened to do the same in other parts of Eastern Europe, they said, “send troops.”  But now that that situation is on the back Burner and Iraq has stepped up to the front, we once again hear, “send troops.”

But even Wally knows better than to do that.  That whole area seems to have changed in the time of a heartbeat and we don’t even know the difference between frenemy and enemy.  In short, we haven’t a clue.  Those neocons have made a mess of things and won’t shut up.  Worse yet, in spite of the evidence right in front of Wally’s face, Wally is supposed to believe the cons rather than his own eyes.  For Wally, it is an insult to run the same tired game over and over again.  It’s like the neocons have a form for every situation and all they have to do is to fill in the blanks. 

Although the neocons, a bunch of rich old white men, think Wally, and others like him, are stupid, Wally, and others like him, actually know better.  And they have tried to inform the neocons, but the neocons never listen.  And that’s another thing Wally, and others like him, know about neocons; they listen only to themselves.

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