Wednesday, June 18, 2014

3 Questions for Hillary

As far as Wally is concerned, one thing is certain; Hillary Clinton will never sit for an interview for his blog.  And it’s not his fair, bold and keen questioning that she fears so much as the fact, that even on a good day, Weird Wally’s Worldview may score only a handful of readers.  He also realizes that the mere title of his blog may be a bit off-putting to some people.

For now, at least, Wally is a Hillary fan and thinks she is kicking ass responding to the Benghazi bullshit put out by the Republicans.  On the other hand, Wally doesn’t really give a fuck about the Benghazi distraction and instead, would ask about Glass-Steigall, Free Trade Agreements and the current negations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  “Fuck a bunch of Benghazis!” he is rumored to have said.

Glass-Steigall:  Also known as The Banking Act of 1933, prevented commercial banks from acting like casinos and risking their clients’ money on risky and opaque investments.   This regulation, according to the New York Times was, “enacted as an emergency response to the failure of nearly 5,000 banks during the Great Depression.”  In 1999 Glass-Steigall was repealed and then President Clinton, was a champion for that bit of banking deregulation.  In April, 2010, the former president admitted he was wrong and made a public apology for his previous stance.

WW:  Madam Secretary, President Clinton was a major player in watering down regulations for Wall Street and banks.  Giving the current situation on both Wall Street and the banking industry, would you be in favor of changing monetary policy and banking rules under which these institutions operate?

In Wally’s mind, at least, that would be a good question to ask a possible future president.  But what about those fast track Free Trade Agreements?

WW:  During the Clinton Presidency, Free Trade Agreements seem to have flourished.  In retrospect it may have caused massive job losses in this country as well as making sovereign nations subject to laws imposed by multinational corporations, via the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

Although this isn’t meant to be a trick question, Wally is very aware that President Clinton was a big fan of these agreements.  But it was George H.W. Bush who actually started the ball rolling.  However, the 500 pound gorilla in the room right now is, The Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Weird Wally wants to know, what's up with that?

WW:  Many feel that the super-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership currently being negotiated will outsource more American middle-class jobs and even make us even more subject to laws imposed by the WTO.  Do you think this partnership is a good idea?

Who knows, maybe these kinds of questions will come later.  Meanwhile, we must be content with Republican distractions until they realize that we are a lot smarter then they think we are.

And remember, Weird Wally Sez:  Fuck a bunch of Benghazis!

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