Sunday, June 22, 2014

Iraq is like Deja vu All Over Again

The first time Weird Wally heard the phrase “military advisors,” he was still in high school and President Kennedy had just announced that he was sending an additional 1000 military advisors into South Vietnam.  But what Wally, and many others at the time, did not know was, we’d be aiding a corrupt and repressive government, held in contempt by its citizens.  And what started out as a handful of military advisors in 1955, in support of a corrupt government, turned into a full scale war on March 8, 1965 when 3500 Marines landed at China Beach and joined up with the 23,000 military advisors already in Vietnam. 

And for Wally, sending military advisors to Iraq is like Déjà vu all over again.   Here we are propping up a corrupt government that doesn’t like us, has shat upon many of its citizens and, with a military that’ll cut and run, even when they outgunned and outnumbered the enemy.  Back in 1955, it was the Domino Theory that justified our intervention in the affairs of other countries.  Today, it’s Terrorism.  

In Wally’s eyes, what’s happening in Iraq is a religious, civil and cultural clash with a lot of bloodshed that dates back to the year 632.   By aiding one side against another, we’re getting involved in something that is absolutely none of our business.   And when the shit finally hits the fan, as it surely will, our well intentioned interference may cost us dearly.


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