Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weird Wally Gets Even Weirder

Weird Wally stopped being a dues paying member of AARP when they signed onto Bush’s healthcare plan. It was obvious that it wasn’t good for seniors, but very good for drug companies and healthcare providers. In other words, AARP became a healthcare provider and made a mint by pushing lifesaving drugs to seniors for a profit. Not much different from crack dealers in the hood.

But many years later, WW continues getting mail from AARP urging him to become a dues paying member so that us seniors can save social security.

Only problem is, WW knows that Bush’s social security reform is a scare tactic.

And that Karl Rove is an important part of it all.

But, as always with Rove, that is a whole other story and more uglier then the rest of the world might have imagened.

What if Bush needed to offer AARP something big for AARP’s betrayal of its members?

“Let’s have a fake fight over social security,” said Bush. “Scare the shit out of those old farts and they will buy anything.”

And so it is that Bush threatenes to privatize social security and turn it over to contractors on Wall Street, just like he did with Walter Reed Hospital and the Veterans Administration?

It's enough to scare the shit out of WW.

WW does not have a good feeling about what AARP is really up too and he is looking for a retired people’s association that is a bit more ethical, loyal to its members and, more in touch with reality and, green. A good place to start a search!

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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1 comment:

fazzaz31 said...

hey ww, howz it going?

just dropped by for a look-see at your new digs, and i must say it's very impressive. maybe you could use some drapes, but otherwise - very chic.

don't know about that aarp stuff. i think that they have become indifferent to us because we're just the slobs who buy the insurance, which makes the aarp an insurance company.

mom was a member , but i think she only took the magazine, cause she couldn't afford the insurance. go figure.

i'm a veteran, and have only a minimum income (u wouldn't believe me if i told you) and the va does alright by me as far as medical care is concerned.

keep up the good work, ww. i always get a smile on my face when i visit your blog.