Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Corporate Welfare Really Sucks!

Are we screwed?

At first glance, everything looks so boring that it’s hard to care.

And that’s the secret.  When we don’t care, we don’t give it a second glance and that’s how a lot of crap gets by us.  Meanwhile, while we’re not looking, there is a lot going on and massive underplunder is afoot.  Worse yet, we can’t even believe what we think we’re seeing.

We are told, for instance, that society is mainly composed of makers, takers and the rest of us.  The makers are the job creators and we should be grateful to them and praise their very existence.  The takers, on the other hand, are busy living off everyone else.  Meanwhile, the makers are hard at work creating jobs and prosperity for all.  Even as the takers just sit around all day getting high and making babies.  And those people, we are told, are not to be pitied.  If anything they need to be taught a lesson, even if it hurts them badly.

Welfare queens, pimps, drug addicts are usually thought of as brown or black.  People of color.  And they are unlike most of the country.  They are, after all, minorities; well, at least for now.  But everyone seems to know what they're up to.  Even Cliven Bundy, the infamous “welfare cowboy,” wants to tell all who will listen,that he knows “something about the negro.”

And even while grazing his cattle for free on government land, he looks down on, what he sees as, the takers, never realizing that he too, is a taker.  Difference is, he thinks he owns the land.

Even the so-called takers look down on other takers.  The elderly and physically challenged tend to look down on the mental and emotionally challenged, who in turn, look down on people who sit around all day making babies.  But regardless of category, all who depend on government for either income or subsidy will get hurt.  Its budget cutting time and let’s screw the takers real good.  They deserve it.

But who are the real takers?

Ever hear of “corporate welfare?”  Such a thing exists, and it is huge.  In 2006, the government spent about $59 billion on traditional social programs like food stamps and housing assistance, while spending $92 billion on corporate subsidies.    And it’s gotten worse every year ever since.

Corporate subsidies take many forms, from tax breaks to free money for big banks, and a lot in between.  A good example of corporate welfare is the $52 billion “Uncle Sugar” gave to the oil, gas and coal industry alone, in 2013.  In return, the government received absolutely nothing.  No-thing.

So while some politicians are busy trying to convince us to piss all over those beneath us, we might try looking high up, for a change.  At the very people whom we are distracted from ever thinking about.  Those who can afford lobbyist, accountants and high end law and public relations firms.  And although we might have to strain our eyes, if we look high enough, we just might see that that trickledown effect we often feel on the tops of our heads, well, for starts, it ain’t money.

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