Friday, March 07, 2008

Saul Alinsky is Alive, Well and Kicking Ass!

Weird Wally recently decided to take a break from renting old Star Trek re-runs via Netflix and rented a DVD of the off beat documentary category.

Initially, WW thought it was just a documentary about some gay guys showing off. But after a few more minutes he realized that the “Yes Men” were taking some light-hearted approaches to serious situations. The Yes Men and their DVD

WW, if the truth be told, is highly envious of "The Yes Men". As adults, they are acting like children and having a lot of fun. The most recent thing WW remembers about having that kind of fun was as a middle school student. Whenever he knew that the English teacher was going to sing praise to Kipling, WW would always stop at a friends house before going to school cuz his mom usually had an extra bean and egg burrito or two to share for breakfast.

The smelly farts were a blast and the English teacher tended to keep his bullshit short!

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