Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Due to corruption in Washington, the truth about “compassionate conservatism, “ as revealed by hurricane Katrina, Weapons of Mass Destruction that didn’t exist, the Downing Street Memo and a truck load of other crap coming our way from a Republican Congress and White House, Weird Wally started getting pissed.

So, he created a blog and everyday, after coming home from work as a Child Protective Services Social Caseworker in Denver, he felt compelled to post to his blog daily.

After all, even a CPS Caseworker in Denver knew that the “yellow cake uranium from Niger,” was a lie and forgery.

And since even WW in Denver knew, why didn’t our president?

Over the months, however, the situation got deeper and murkier.

But the mainstream press paid no attention.

It could have been Katrina or one of a hundred other things, but the mainstream media grew some balls, stepped up to the plate and started asking the hard questions and did some good stories on all manner of things that the Bush Whitehouse and Republican Congress are up to.

Meanwhile, WW is almost confident enough in the mainstream media that they may even look into some things that might get them away from their computers and cause them to do some good old fashioned journalism.

But please be advised…

Vice President’s Richard Cheney’s generous contribution to the Weird Wally Early Retirement Fund (Found) has nothing to do with WW’s decision to stand down and lighten up on the folks in Washington.

Weird Wally says, “trust me on this.”

Bye for now…


Kathy said...

You're not leaving us, are you? I'm still not sure the mainstream media is up to the job.

Weird Wally said...

Hi Kathy,

I read your post and you are an inspiration.

I am old, tired and simply need to pass on the torch.

Might I pass it to you?

Yours truely,

Weird Wally