Friday, October 24, 2008

Believe it or not, Weird Wally (WW) actually feels bad for Alan Greenspan.

Yes, WW realizes that we are in a major mess. The shit has hit the fan and instead of “ trickle down,” most of us are experiencing the “splatter.”

According to WW, it’s bad enough to experience “trickle down (being pissed on),” but it’s a whole different matter to experience the “splatter (being shat on).”

And for that, according to WW, we have Greenspan to thank. The way WW says he understands it, Greenspan was for deregulation because, he figured that the private sector would police themselves.

But “deregulation” is the same as saying that everything is legal and anything goes. The second that a government says that word, all the sociopaths in the world, will respond with a bogus plan to use deregulation, so that they can get the money.

So, the problem with Mr. Greenspan was one of innocence.

He just didn’t understand the nature of greed and how no matter how much you have, it is not nearly enough.

On the other hand, were the act of burglary “deregulated” and made legal, where would you park your pickup-truck and your extra-large visual display screen?

Meanwhile, WW, reformed second story-man and CIA Operative, says: “don’t leave home without them!”

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