Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now this is What Weird Wally is Talking About...

Weird Wally lifted this post from Randi Rhode’s (the Goddess of Talk Radio) site and he hopes she doesn’t mind. But her site today is too good not to share.


It wasn't that long ago that using the number 'one trillion' truly was like saying 'a gagillion bazillion'. Well it’s time we learn how many zeroes are involved in that number. It's 12. We have a Trillion Dollars to offer and The Bankers want it. Who knew?

Do NOT make that deal. NO NO NO NO NO.

The unchecked right wing Free Market, No Regulations, No Oversight, No Adult Supervision ORGY of spending and lending over the past 8 years is OVER. Of course it failed because it had to. You can’t take money out of people’s pockets and steal their assets. We are the Economy. Doh.

But the pain of ignoring or worse, agreeing with the solution cooked up by the people who robbed us is ridiculous.

We have a “money shortage”. The only question is how do we put money back INTO the credit market. We get people paying for their homes again and give them a little extra cash to spend. That’s how.


Anything that is presented to you that doesn’t include at its core, foreclosure relief should be ignored. Any piece of legislation that does not include an immediate Foreclosure Freeze should not be taken seriously. Any piece of legislation that does not give people in foreclosure, or who have missed 3 payments in one year the ability to renegotiate their home loans should be dismissed instantly. Any piece of legislation that doesn’t include oversight by the GAO should not be taken seriously. Any piece of legislation that doesn’t force this down the throats of the giant Banks and Investment Banks who played with your loan going in and coming out is the wrong solution. Any legislation that hands over all the money to one guy at once is a HEIST.

We do have to put money back into the credit market. Allowing people to pay SOMETHING on their homes NOW puts money IN. Add a little stimulus check for us to spend and we’re BACK from the abyss. PERIOD.

Their solution is to put money in the hands of one guy who knows exactly where to put it. That’s WRONG and SILLY on it’s face.

Yesterday you think you saw 1.2 Tillion lost. It wasn’t lost! It was a negotiation. What happened in the Stock Market yesterday was a “dead cat bounce”. People were selling but no one was buying so prices went down. This wasn’t a sell off. It was the exact opposite. NO selling. I predict today there will be lots of buying at new lower prices.

John McCain gave us nearly a week of slapstick, melodrama and photo-ops....and ended up as useless as his theater was. First he said The Fundamentals of the Economy are strong. Then he said the workers are the Fundamentals, Then he declared a Depression-like crisis. Then he said he was suspending his campaign to forge a deal, and then he announced he saved the day by forging a deal. Then when the deal failed? He blamed Obama for all of it??? What?

This is a serious problem and we need serious people to solve it. Anyone who takes John McCain seriously should not be taken seriously. Seriously!

Meanwhile Obama understands it’s a Foreclosure Crisis not an opportunity to leave a Trillion Dollar tip on the table for the gruel we’ve been served for 8 years. He also knows not to panic!

And Congress? Oh Dear God. Literally minutes after 'The Rescue' failed and the Big Board numbers were heading south in double digits every time they refreshed, we got John Boehner, Roy Blunt and a collection of Right Wing Enablers who blame the whole thing on a Floor Speech that hurt their feelings? So let me understand this. You would allow a Great Depression to take root in this country because you had problems with a speech? That is LOW. Even for Republicans.

Let's be clear. We saw a lot of dramatics on Monday from The Republican “Leadership” None of it helpful. The economy took a massive hit yesterday and that is not in dispute. But the Democrats didn’t do much better. Their plan is a non starter and they know it so they went looking for cover. Republican cover. When they didn’t get it, they went home. UNBELIEVABLE.

What should we be doing now? Screaming for a Foreclosure Freeze and legislating so that people can renegotiate their home loans and get a stimulus check sooner rather than later.

We finally get to have that conversation that has been put off for way too long. What about the Middle Class??? We keep saving the day every day we go to work, and buy lunch, and put gas in our cars and pay our bills. We deserve to be at the table here. If we get our money we will put it into the Economy and save the day once again. We will pay our mortgages, and buy cars, and make payrolls. FDR knew that, and you know it whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. The Middle Class is the backbone of this country. The only way to fix this mess is to get the money in the hands of those who built this country. Money in anyone else’s hands is just stupid and more greed run amok.

Jerry McGuire was correct! SHOW ME THE MONEY!

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