Saturday, March 03, 2007

Privatize Walter Reed Hospital?

Weird Wally can’t even wrap his brain around this.

Let’s privatize everything, so that Halliburton can make a profit off of our returning Vets, while not doing anything for them.

This is how Bush Republicans support our troops…

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Wally, you commie.

Why should the government take care of returning vets.

There are a lot of returning vets and somebody should be making a profit off of them.

This is what true Capitalism is all about. Forces of the Free Market!

Anonymous said...

Don't you liberals get it? This country has a volunteer army that goes to war for business interests. The Cheney oil policy required that we go to war to insure our oil supply and, so what if a few boys and girls from trailer parks have to die? Their deaths are buying the rest of freedom. Don't you liberals realize that soilders from trailer parks and inner cities
probably would have joined some kind of gang and be dead anyway. With Iraq, at least, our soilders get a chance to die for our country instead of just dying for a gang!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right, quit your whining. If these gimpy veterans no longer have anything to contribute to our economy, then it's Buh Bye.

And don't forget about Trickle Down. When Halliburton and the oil companies make billions from the Iraqi invasion, some of that money will trickle down on us little folks, and that makes it all worthwhile.