Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Bush/Cheney Dog and Pony Show

Weird Wally forced himself to take a few days off from current events and blogging. Didn’t read a single newspaper, magazine, watch a television newscast or, listen a radio talk show. WW does, however, cop to listening to Randi Rhodes, but he did so only because she is as crazy as he is and he loves her.

What got WW to the point of despair were the lies coming out of the White House. And although they say they support our troops, it looks more like they are supporting Halliburton and other large defense contractors and corporations. Besides handing over the upkeep and support of Walter Reed Hospital to a private contractor, the military is so strapped for troops that they are sending wounded troops back to Iraq, who have been diagnosed unfit to fight. All this is happening because the White House wants to expand a war that nobody wants and, even our own troops are starting to speak out.

Meanwhile, returning veterans are bringing back a lot of mental health issues with them, issues that were not there before their second or third tour in Iraq. They are returning to inadequate aftercare and a system that is not anywhere near ready for them. At the same time, The White House is proposing major cuts in the Veterans Administration budget in order to finance the Iraq and, possibly Iran wars, and fund tax cuts for the rich. When this administration turns away from it’s troops and returning veterans, it says a lot about how they support our troops. Sounds a lot like "do as I say, not as I do.” (scroll down to view the video)

Trust me,
Weird Wally
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