Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Bush Stuff (BS)

Back in the day, Weird Wally would cringe whenever he heard Bush and the neoconservatives scream, “support our troops.” Like magic words, that simple phrase held both Democrats and the media captive to fear and being, “soft on terrorism,” because whenever anyone attempted to speak out against the war, they’ be “supporting the terrorists.”

Meanwhile, the neocons were making tons of money while privatizing the military and other parts of government and reselling those very same services back to the government at a profit. It’s an expensive way to run a country, but it worked well for corporations and the rich people that controlled them. And even as families of troops sent money to soldiers to could buy equipment and body amour our government failed to provide them, our leaders insisted that we, “support our troops.” But, those magic words were merely a way of diverting our attention away from what Bush, Cheney the neocons were really doing.

Fact is, Bush and his neocons don’t care about the troops. What the neocons care about is making large corporations the fourth branch of government. It used to be the media, but corporations have brought out most and the rest simply fell asleep at the wheel.

It might be easy to let the troops and the war slip below our radar screens, but when they start returning home and, once again, become more visable and real, it gets harder for the neocons to maintain the illusion that they care. One of the reasons that Walter Reed is in such sad shape is because the services was recently contracted out to Halliburton, the same corperation that is doing such a shit jobs for our troops over in Iraq. The Privatizing of Walter Reed
More on Halliburton

Worse yet, the Bush administration is preparing to ask Congress for additional ‘surge’ funds, according to the Associated Press. The additional monies will pay for controctors who provide “support personnel,” and much of it will go to Halliburton, Dick Cheney was, at one time, their CEO. The cost of surging

The politics of surging

Something to think about: What does, “support our troops,” mean to you?

Trust me,
Weird Wally
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