Thursday, May 24, 2007

NYC Undercover...Part 2

Anyway, Weird Wally climbs into the cab and a driver wearing a hat and sporting a phony accent asks where WW needs to go.

And when WW saw the birthmark on the cabbies left hand, he knew that he had landed in the middle of an NYPD Sting.

WW had known Gerald since birth and they had spent their early years growing up in a south Bronx neighborhood. Although they hadn’t kept in touch, WW knew that Gerald was a cop.

WW: “I know who you are, Gerald. Remember Weird Wally?”

WW and Detective Gerald (NOYB), talked about old times and new shit while sharing a blunt. Still, Gerald could not leave the area, and had to drop WW off only a block or two away.

Seems like a lot of cabbies are reporting that African American males are mugging them in broad daylight. “Even the cabbies from Zimbabwe are reporting it and can’t give a good description because all African American men seem to look alike,” Gerald said.

After a conversation of numbers and alphabet spelling over a walkie-talkie, WW is dropped off on a street corner and told to wait.

Twenty seconds later, a Crown Vic pulls up and the suit ridding shotgun rolls down his window.

“You Weird Wally?”

WW nods

“Get in the back.”

Shotgun passes WW a blunt. “I hate this kind of duty cuz it’s only about politics and, my team could better be used elsewhere."

WW says, "All I wanted was a cab and I end up in the back seat of a Crown Vic," and passed the blunt to the driver.

Shotgun asks, "where can we take you Weird Wally?"

WW says, "I can't believe this fucking bullshit!"

"Sorry," says the driver. "But Petersburg, Kentucky, is outside of our jurisdiction."

Trust me,
Weird Wally

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