Friday, May 25, 2007

Hillbilly Hermit lives lives in a trailer somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. Living on nearly 50 isolated acres, he has seven vehicles parked in his front yard and, according to his most recent communique, is expecting to take possession of a washing machine soon. Hillbilly promises to send a photograph of that event as soon as it happens.

It’s Good to Bee Home
by Hillbilly Hermit

We've all heard about the disappearance of the bees. We've all heard
that 1/3 (one third) of humanity's food supply depends on bees.

There is no question that the signs are ominous. That "one third"
becomes even greater when you take into account things like cattle
feed-- clover and alfalfa, that also require pollinating.

Years ago, when the tracheal mite first showed up, and bee hives were
decimated, there were preachings of gloom and doom-- the end of the food
supply and such.

But house flies, as much as we hate 'em, along with throngs of other
pesky little bugs took over where the bees left off. The doomsayers
never thought about the fact that the insect world is incredibly
competitive. When one species dies off, another takes over... usually
in weeks.

Some of the highly industrialized crops; almonds, alfalfa, and such
might suffer for a while, but I'm hoping that the home garden will
become a haven for a diverse community of nectar seeking insects.

At least, I hope to God so,
Hillbilly Hermit

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