Monday, May 28, 2007

Hillbilly Hermit, a regular contributor to Weird Wally’s Worldview, asks how the Republicans are supporting our troops while cutting funding for the Veterans Administration and voting against a payraise for our troops. Who and what do the Republicans really support?

The Six Most Powerful Entities
by Hillbilly Hermit

Who was it that spoke of the "perfect marriage of government and

Microsoft-- controls 95% or the worlds computers. And hidden deep
inside each microsoft operated computer lay hidden files... tracks of
every website you ever visited, your personal information stored in
microsoft files, and every time you connect to the internet, your
information is updated in microsoft's memory banks back at the microsoft

Halliburton-- The Vice President's very own war toy. Supplying and
supporting America's army, in on every secret, participant in war
strategy planning, and ripping off not only huge "legitimate" profits,
but stealing the money they can't legally take.

Walmart-- purveyor to the American Consumer. Whatever you're looking
for, whatever you need, whatever you want, Walmart supplies it a little
cheaper than anyone else.

Diebold-- Every time you use an ATM, you are giving all your financial
information to Diebold. Every time you cast a vote, you are giving all
your information to Diebold. And every time there's an election,
Diebold gives a generous "contribution" to the Republicans.

Bush Oil-- President Bush led us into a war with the oil producing
Middle East. When he took office, you could get a gallon of regular for
$1.25 Six years later, you could get that same gallon for $3.59!
Harking back to the slogan: "What's good for Bush is good for America."

Blackwater Security Services
-- lest we ever run short of dedicated,
loyal soldiers, America's private army is always there to fill in the

And then there's the "Patriot Act" tying it all together.

Tell me again who said: "The perfect marriage of government and

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